September 28, 2012

There seems to be a pretty noticeable pattern in my blogging where I kind of drop off in the summer. Looking through my archives, I’ve done it pretty much every year since I started this blog. Maybe it’s the busyness of summer–lots of birthdays, parties, celebrations–or maybe it’s the weather that makes me think less & do more (hence, less blogging). At any rate, I’m ready to embrace fall & hopefully pick the blogging back up again. Now, if only the weather would cooperate…

In the past few months, a lot has happened. One of my besties got married. We did a weekender in San Diego & met up with a lot of friends. Celebrated another dear one’s wedding-to-be. Went to the beach. Started a Facebook page for ampersandity. Became one of the world’s top pinners. Celebrated a gazillion first birthdays. Celebrated a new nephew-to-be! Prepared for Steven to become a student again (first day of school starts tomorrow!). Mourned the death of a loved one. Spent a lot of time with cousins. Oh, and my baby straight up turned into a walking, talking, comprehending toddler.

At fifteen months, he has developed quite a little personality. He is still a pretty calm, mellow, easy-going child. Definitely takes after his dad, who takes after his dad. I’m liking this Hong man trait thing that’s being passed down. Please Lord, more of these! But he does have his share of meltdowns & tantrums when he doesn’t get what he wants. And boy, does he know what he wants! Here are some of his favorites at 15 months:

Favorite Book: Snuggle Puppy (Moo Baa La La La is probably his second favorite. That Sandra Boynton sure knows what she’s doing.)
Favorite Foods: Turkey/avocado panini, mandoo, veggie soup, burrito bowls
Favorite Desserts: Frozen yogurt, mango cream bars
Favorite Word: Kka-kka (that would be “cracker” in Korean… meaning any Cheerios, puffs & other snacks)
Favorite Thing to Wear: Shoes, especially his Natives
Least Favorite Thing to Wear: Tight pants
Favorite Thing to Watch: Brainy Baby DVDs, Elmo, videos of himself laughing
Favorite iPad Game: Interactive Alphabet
Favorite Toys: Stacking rings, alphabet blocks, Leapfrog toys, books, doors
Favorite Part of the Day: Going to get the mail, kka-kka/TV time, bath time
Favorite Things to Hold: Pens, keys, family picture, spoon, blankie

I am really loving this age so much. He all of a sudden started understanding so much more. Though he doesn’t say much yet, I know his little brain is just processing so much & absorbing it all like a sponge. He loves to come up to us with books & sit himself down on our laps. He will point, point, point at everything, asking us to name everything, particularly letters these days. I say “let’s go get the mail!” and he runs to his room & points at his shoes. I say “do you want milk?” and he runs to the kitchen & points at the fridge. I say “can you choose another book?” and he goes to his shelf & picks out a new book for us to read him. Or sometimes he comes back with Snuggle Puppy again (sigh). Sometimes when he goes #2, he will go to his room and try to take out his changing pad (what?!). A couple days ago, we showed him where his belly button was, and last night when we asked “where’s Ollie’s bae-kkop?” he tried to pull up his shirt. Alas, he was already wearing his sleepsack, so he could not.

Life has been really busy, but really sweet too. I find my days full, in a good way, and I feel content with what I have. Even things with the shop have been moving in a good direction. A year ago when I first had Ollie, I really thought that life would never be the same again. And of course it’s not. I’ve changed so much & grown as a mother & as a wife. But now that Ollie is getting a little older, I’m finding that I can still pursue dreams, do projects, learn new things & help with events the same way that I did before I had kids. It has to be done more strategically, of course, but it’s still doable & it still brings me a lot of joy. I am still me. Now I’m looking forward to this last stretch of the year, which means lots of baking, Thanksgiving dinner, the holidays, starting family traditions, and more. I cannot wait!