Oliver at Eleven Months.

May 17, 2012

Special Talents

Still lots of climbing, standing, cruising, getting down. Much better at getting down from places now. And we saw him do a real crawl a handful of times, though he still defaults to his belly crawl when he actually wants to move it, move it. I’ve decided that I don’t care if he ever does a real crawl, since he is so content & efficient moving around on his belly. As long as he’s happy, I’m happy. :)

Sleeping on his back & side. Ollie has always been a tummy sleeper and never really had many sleep disruptions due to rolling since he learned how to roll from back to tummy first. However he did go through a short stint where he forgot how to roll that way & would get stuck on his back and cry. Lately though, I think he is feeling really comfortable in his own skin & with his greater sense of mobility–he has actually been sleeping on his back a lot. I think it is so cute cause I can see his sleeping face on the monitor!

Eating more real food. He’s getting more adept at chewing bigger pieces and swallowing. So cute how he wants to eat everything we’re eating.


Naps have been pretty good, but he has been taking for-e-ver to fall asleep at night. Like, one hour plus. I’ve tried different things like a later bedtime, less napping, waking him up from his afternoon nap earlier, lots & lots of exercise… all to no avail. I am trying to tell myself that it’s just cause he is going through so much developmentally (and he really is), but it kind of still drives me nutso.


Ollie has been eating like a little monster the last couple weeks. I decreased his milk intake and started offering solids before milk for lunch and dinner. Vast improvements. I think he could possibly move to all table foods at this point, but the thought of preparing soft, chewable, mushy foods for him for every meal is a bit daunting. We are sticking to chunky purees, with some of our own food thrown in here & there.


His burpie. I’ve given him a burpcloth to play with in his crib ever since he was only a few months old, but up until this past month, he completely ignored it. This month he has really taken a liking to it and holds it, chews it, crawls around his crib with it. It is so cute.

Toy cars. We just came back from Palm Springs with Joan, Dale & Isaac. Just in in those short few days, he developed an intense love for Isaac’s toy cars. He likes to grab one in each hand and crawl around, rolling the wheels back & forth on the ground. It was so weird for me to see him playing with little cars–makes him seem like such a little boy and not like a baby. Ikey was sweet enough to give Ollie one of his precious cars to take home. :)

When Daddy rubs his beard on his belly. We do this a lot when we’re changing him into his PJs, and he cracks up like crazy! It is super sweet, cause Steven remembers being tickled by his dad’s stubble when he was a little boy, and now he gets to make the same memories for his own little boy.

Resting his head on the dining table (picture above). He does this thing where he tilts his head while looking at you, down, down, until he’s just resting on the table. He does it over & over and wants you to do it with him. It is so cute.


Meh-meh. :(

Independent playtime. I haven’t been very good about giving him consistent independent playtime everyday, which has resulted in a very unhappy, clingy baby when I do give him IP. I slowly built up to about half an hour by last week and he was doing well most days, but I’m pretty sure we’re back at square one since coming back from vacation. :/

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