Oliver at Ten (and a Half) Months.

May 1, 2012

Special Talents

Climbing everything. Pulling himself up to his knees. Pulling himself to standing (on occasion). Still not real crawling, but very efficient belly crawling. Walking with assistance. Very minimal cruising. Baby is mobile & loving every bit of it. :)

Rolling from back to tummy (re-learned). For a short while there, Ollie forgot how to roll from back to tummy. How does one unlearn this? Beats me. He would lie helplessly on his back, whine a little, then give up & just start clapping his hands. Thankfully he has re-learned how to roll. Hip hip hooray!

Signing “all done.” At least, we think? He knows how to sign “all done,” but we’re not sure if he understands what it means. Sometimes he signs “all done” after he’s only eaten one bite, but most of the time, he really does seem to sign it when he’s not interested in eating anymore. Amazing how they pick things up so quickly!


Some disruptions due to teething and developmental changes, but overall pretty much the same. This past Sunday he completely refused to nap at church–I pushed him in the stroller for one hour, until it felt like my arms were going to fall off. Baby was so overtired, he screamed & cried all the way home. It was his first true one nap day. We survived, but he’s definitely not ready yet haha.


Ollie finally got his eighth tooth, which has resulted in very poor eating. It doesn’t bother me as much as it used to, but I still wish he would eat more. He is also showing a strong interest for table foods, but still gags a lot when I give him things & also takes forever to chew & swallow. Practice, practice, practicing. Yesterday he ate a ton of banana, which he has never liked, so I was surprised. Today I’m off to buy some more bananas for my little monkey. :)


Playing with doors. He plays with them all day long, back & forth, back & forth. Eventually shuts himself into a room & pounds on the door for me to open it again.

Following me around like a puppy. If I sit on the ground, he will inevitably find me & start climbing me. It is terribly adorable & endearing–I love this age!

Walking with assistance. He loves walking! Whenever he is sad or grumpy, I take him by the hands & start walking… immediate smiles & giggles ensue.  The best is when we strip off all his clothes & help him walk to the bathroom for his bath. Love seeing his chunky monkey roly poly body taking itty bitty steps! So cute!

Milk. Baby loves his milk. He cries every time the bottle runs out. Or whenever he sees a bottle. Even if it’s only been an hour after he ate.


Eating. But we’ve already talked about that. I was talking with some girlfriends about what our least favorite thing about taking care of our kids is, and hands down, my least favorite is feeding him food. Every mealtime is a battle. :/

Getting disciplined. I’m not sure if this will change as he gets older, but Ollie seems to be pretty sensitive & responsive to discipline. He learned “no” pretty quickly & is really pretty good about not doing the things we tell him not to do. I’m really thankful for his tender heart & hope that continues into toddlerhood.

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