Special Talents

Better belly crawling. Haha, he is still not crawling with his hands and knees, but he is an excellent belly crawler now. Lunging here, there, everywhere. Exploring every nook & cranny and trying to crawl over our legs to reach his prized possession, whether that be his toys, the laundry basket, or the treasured iPhone. It is pretty fun. :)

Imitating! He learned jem jem, dori dori, jjak jjak goong, and mansae… all in like two weeks. Though now he pretty much only does the clapping, and sometimes jem jem haha. He also can sign “all done”, but he doesn’t know what it means. Steven says it feels like we’re teaching him dog tricks–it kind of does feel that way!


Remember last month? Lots of crying before bed. Sad times. That lasted about six weeks (six weeks!) & then all of a sudden, he was over it. We had some smooth sailing for a tiny bit, and then he started massive playing in his crib before naps. I talked to Connie about it & it seems to be a developmental/awareness thing where he just wants to play/explore since he is becoming so much more mobile & aware of his surroundings. That made for some disruptive nap days. He still plays for awhile before falling asleep, but it’s gotten a lot better. These kids, they like to keep us on our toes.


Pretty much the same two naps, seeming to need a little longer waketime in the mornings. I think we’re heading into shortening the first nap territory soon. I am just dreading it. He is always Mr. Crankypants when I wake him up. Nighttime sleep is pretty consistent. He is actually making it to 7am most of the time, but he does this thing where he fusses and/or cries around 5:30-6am. Which is why I always end up just waking up at 5:30am and not going back to sleep. Which is why I play Draw Something at 6am–sorry if I woke you up, friends!


Yowza, here’s the big one for this month. We are currently in the process of weaning… today I gave him 7/8 formula, so he’s pretty much all transitioned over now. It was kind of a spontaneous decision on my part, but at the same time, I didn’t feel like I was being rash or emotional about it. So we decided to go for it. I will post more about it another time, but basically a week ago, he was completely breastfed (hadn’t had a drop of formula since he was like a week old), was NOT taking the bottle at all, and was nursing 4 times a day. Now he takes 3 bottles of mostly formula mixed with a little bit of BM, doesn’t get milk before bed (just a small sippy of water), and I’m down to pumping 3x/day. So crazy. I guess if you just force them to do something, they will eventually just get it. His solids also kind of took off around 9 months & he’s been eating a lot better. Makes me happy. :) I also finally got him to drink from a straw sippy, the Playtex Trainer Straw Sippy. It’s a neat cup, cause you can squeeze the sides and the water goes up the straw so he can get a taste of it, which helps him to start sucking himself. He still needs some assistance, but it’s a definite improvement.


Mommy & Daddy. He’s definitely reached an age where he has some separation & stranger anxiety. It was a lot worse during his wonder week, but he still has it now too. He will sometimes cry when I walk out of his line of vision & come crawling toward me while whining. I’m constantly saying “It’s OKAY, Ollie. Mommy’s right here.”

Being thrown & tossed around, flying on our legs like an airplane, and being fake dropped (where we pretend to drop him but catch him just in time). Lots and LOTS of uncontrollable laughs–I die from the sweetness of seeing him so happy. :)

Exploring. Everything. It is pretty cute.


The vacuum. I think he was originally scared of the noise, but now he starts crying even when he sees it. He also cries at the sound of the blender.

Baby Einstein sock puppets. Joan lent me a Baby Einstein video that I sometimes turn on for him for like 15 min a day, and he really likes some parts (smiling when he sees other babies on the screen), but he starts doing his scared whine whenever the sock puppets come on the screen. Hehehe, it is kind of cute and kind of sad.

When we leave him.

All in all, I am really enjoying this stage. Even though he can be clingy at times, he is becoming more independent & I appreciate having that little bit of freedom. It is fun seeing the world through his eyes–everything is so new & exciting–and he can be entertained with a simple thing like vertical blinds for a good 20 minutes. I feel like he has grown up so fast in the past month–his mobility and awareness really make him seem so much less like a baby. I love that he is so cuddle-able… the best is when we’re out in public & he leans his head on my shoulder or my chest. Or right after he wakes up from a nap & is a little cranky… if I hold him for a bit and just sway with him in front of the mirror, he will just lean into me & smile. It is super precious & I absolutely love that he loves to cuddle! I know it won’t be long before he’s too busy running around everywhere to stop & give mama a hug & a kiss. Oh Ols, you are a delight! You make me loco sometimes (but mostly it’s because I’m just a loco mama), but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Love you, my very big little baby.