Oliver at Eight Months.

February 22, 2012

Special Talents

Belly crawling. Hooray, he’s finally mobile! It took him a little while, but now he confidently uses his little legs and arms to get himself to where he wants. He still gets overwhelmed when his target is too far, so I try to put things at a reasonable distance from him. His favorite things to touch: the Eames rocker legs, this ugly colorful musical mirror attached to the bottom of his crib (le sigh), the humidifier, the bottom knob of his dresser, board books, and a cylindrical container of puffs.

Saying ma-ma-ma.┬áNot to me, of course. He says ba-ba-ba and da-da-da when he’s happy and ma-ma-ma when he’s miserable & crying in his crib, haha. Of course he would.

Pulling his socks off. I know other babies discover their feet much earlier, but maybe our Ollie is a slow learner. He’s just discovered his feet (and ours) and now likes to pull his socks off.


The first half of the month was wonderful. Sunshine week, remember? And then one night he just started crying like crazy at bedtime. And it’s continued for every nap and bedtime since then… going on three weeks now, I think. I freaked out at first cause it was so unusual for him and it sounded like he was in pain, and I think he partially is from the teething (his 7th tooth broke yesterday), but I think a lot of it is just separation anxiety & not wanting to be in his crib alone. Thankfully he doesn’t cry much aside from those times, so I’m just hoping it’ll pass as this wonder week comes to an end.


Still two 1.5-2 hour naps at around the same times. I’m loving the consistency in his schedule at this age. So good, so good. He stopped waking up early in the mornings for awhile, but started it up again with this new round of teething. It really doesn’t bother me too much though, since it doesn’t mess up the rest of the day.

Eating (new category)

I thought I should add this category since it’s a big part of his babyhood & also constantly changing. He has gone through seasons where he will refuse to eat a bite of food, and then seasons where it seems like he has a bottomless pit of a stomach. It’s so true that babies are excellent self-regulators & know how much food they need. Right now he is not the best eater but it’s not horrible either. He dislikes green vegetables (green beans, peas), feels so-so about orange vegetables (sweet potatoes, squash, carrots), and loves fruit (pears, apples, mangoes, avocados) & oatmeal too. We should have guessed… sweet tooth just like his mom & dad. I’m thinking of introducing egg yolk & tofu soon. I also cannot get him to drink from a sippy. I have tried soft-tip sippy & a straw cup, but he just bites on both. I’m going to try out the BornFree sippy after hearing about Monica’s success with Elliot. If anyone has recommendations, I’m all ears!


When we eat with him at the table. I discovered that he eats the food he doesn’t like a lot better when I’m eating my own meal next to him. Whenever he stops opening his mouth, I take a bite of my own food, and then he will open his mouth for another bite. Joan says he is a social eater. So weird!

The jumper. Still! He has started to do this really intense hopping, like he’s jumping on a trampoline. It’s crazy & hilarious & scary all at the same time.

The leapfrog toy. Still. He is now a pro at using every single knob, pull & button. It also starts wigging out after awhile (we think the battery might be running out) & he will pull away from it & just stare at it until I come over and reset the whole thing. It is so cute how he lunges for this toy whenever I bring it out.

When we carry him, especially while walking down the hallway to the garage. He gets all excited & starts kicking his legs & making giggly gaspy sounds.

Electronics. The iPhone. The MacBook. He knows. Yes, we are entering this stage.

Touching my face after he’s done nursing. He just looks up at me & touches my nose, cheeks, mouth, chin, all the while smiling & whispering ba-ba-bas. I die. Melty melt melt.


Certain strangers. He’s going through some kind of separation/stranger anxiety right now, and he will kind of close up into himself around them, becoming really quiet, not smiling, not talking, just staring. Lately he will even cry really hard when people are too in-his-face or try to hold him.

When we lay him down in his crib. Lots of screaming, lots of crying. It’s okay, I’m pretty much used to it now.

When he has to sit for too long. This happens both in the car seat and in the stroller. If it’s longer than half an hour, he starts to get really restless and whiny. Case in point: I pushed him around in a stroller while I went shopping the other day. He was pretty good while we were at H&M, J.Crew, Gap… and then lost it at Zara. I had to hold him while checking out & then practically run to the car… I could feel all those strangers looking at me with their judgmental eyes.

And this series of pictures was when he rolled over while I was in the middle of changing him. I thought he looked too funny not to take pictures. :)