Oliver at Seven Months.

January 23, 2012

Special Talents

Babbling. Ba-ba-ba and da-da-da are his new favorite things to say & we are loooving it. It totally sounds like he is talking to us & responding to us when we talk to him.

Chewing food. He uses his now six teeth to bite his baby mum-mums & it’s so cute to see. He looks like a little grandpa when he chews.

Dancing! Whenever we sing or bounce in front of him, he will rock his little body back & forth. He especially likes dancing to the alphabet song. :)


We did have lots of crying this month with LOTS of teething pain, sicknesses, etc. So sad. He was also really clingy and would cry whenever I set him down anywhere by himself. It was tough times. But then last Tuesday, it was like a switch flipped & he became super happy, contented, giggly, independent baby again. I looked on the wonder weeks chart, and what do you know, it’s sunshine week. :)


Ollie has two naps, a morning nap & an afternoon nap, totaling about 3-3.5 hours a day. I think it is kind of on the low end of sleep needs for his age, but he just won’t take long naps if I put him down earlier, so I am following his cues & just trying to be thankful that I have more time to go out & hang out with friends. Wake times have been pretty consistent for the past month actually, maybe only increased once about 15 minutes, which is so super duper nice. I hate playing the guessing game, which is basically what the first six months were all about. He did cry a lot in the middle of the night this past month — mainly due to teething pains I think — but they were always brief cries & he would go back to sleep on his own. Now we have a new problem where he is waking early in the mornings (sometimes before 5am!!!). I have been trying to troubleshoot like crazy (is it hunger? is it overtiredness? is it undertiredness?) to no avail. Fingers crossed that it’s just a phase & it will pass.


Getting his face wiped after meals. If I take too long, he will cry, so I usually do sneak attack on him super quick-style.

Solids. I think it was mainly because of the teething discomfort, but he started refusing solids altogether for a couple weeks. I would still try, but he would be tight-lipped & turn his head away whenever he saw the spoon coming. I finally took some advice from an older mom to give him a break and stopped feeding him for a week or so. Thankfully he is accepting food now & slowly (very slowly) increasing the amount he eats. Today he ate the most he’s eaten in over a month, so I am very thankful!

Being on his tummy. Now that our baby boy knows how to sit, it is his position of choice at all times. I try to put him on his tummy to give him some crawling practice, but if he can’t reach a toy, he will get very fussy & unhappy. Eventually he will just put his head down on the ground and suck on his fingers. What?! Who’d he get the lazy genes from? (Me.)


When we let him taste what we’re eating. Even though he dislikes his own food, he will always open his mouth if it’s something we’re eating. Doesn’t mean he’ll actually swallow it, but I think he just likes the idea of having what mommy & daddy are having. I pretty much let him taste anything as long as it doesn’t have honey, citrus, too much sugar, or too much salt.

The jumper. Still loves the jumper. He’s pretty much maxed it out in size, but he and I both love it too much to stop.

Leapfrog toys. I’ve pretty much stayed away from all super colorful/plastic/musical/talking/commercialized toys unless it was given to us as a gift. And even some of those, I just stored away in the closet. I gravitate toward the wooden, organic, non-mainstream toys. But Joan gave us a hand-me-down Leapfrog toy that Isaac used to play with, and it is so obvious that this is Ollie’s favorite toy. He loves playing with all the different buttons & knobs to create different songs, sounds & lights. I really think he’s developed a lot more fine motor control skills through this toy, as well as learned how to dance from the ABC song. I’m embarrassed to admit it, but this is our favorite toy as well & I’m definitely going to be keeping my eye out for more Leapfrog goodies.

Family cuddle time. A lot of times we have a couple minutes to spare after we get him ready for his naps/bed before we have to put him down, so we’ll make an Ollie sandwich and do lots of swaying, hugging, kissing, & smiling in the mirror. Guaranteed smiles & giggles, for sure. I think it’s so interesting & adorable that babies know that kissing is a sign of affection & love.

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