Family Portraits 2011.

December 16, 2011

During our week-long trip up north, we had our amazing sister-in-law take some family portraits for us at the park. I think I had asked her to take these photos for us a long time ago… maybe even before Ollie was born? I just knew it’d be perfect with all the fall foliage, Ollie being almost 6mo (and less like a blob), and Christmas around the corner. (Speaking of which… I just ordered our Christmas cards last night. Procrastination at its finest, no? I honestly had no idea Christmas was next Sunday.) My parents joined in on the fun as well, and I actually really love those pictures, so I’m glad they came. :)

Anyhoots, my SIL is super duper talented & I love how the pics came out! Here’s a little sampling of my faves:

That last one makes me laugh every time. Every time. :)

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