Family Portraits 2011.

December 16, 2011

During our week-long trip up north, we had our amazing sister-in-law take some family portraits for us at the park. I think I had asked her to take these photos for us a long time ago… maybe even before Ollie was born? I just knew it’d be perfect with all the fall foliage, Ollie being almost 6mo (and less like a blob), and Christmas around the corner. (Speaking of which… I just ordered our Christmas cards last night. Procrastination at its finest, no? I honestly had no idea Christmas was next Sunday.) My parents joined in on the fun as well, and I actually really love those pictures, so I’m glad they came. :)

Anyhoots, my SIL is super duper talented & I love how the pics came out! Here’s a little sampling of my faves:

That last one makes me laugh every time. Every time. :)


Oliver at Six Months.

December 16, 2011

Yikes. I’ve only posted one other time since Ollie’s five month update. Note to self: stop being such a slacker. I have a mental list of things I’m always wanting to get around to — updating our finances & cleaning out the fridge being the top two — and blogging used to be on that list, but sadly not anymore. It’s just not really a priority to me anymore… but I do want to be better about it. Goal for 2012? We’ll see.

Special Talents

Sitting up with no support from mom & dad. When I put him down sitting up, he can actually sit without using his hands as support, then eventually puts his hands on the ground to keep him stable. Then eventually starts sliding forward little by little until he’s crying cause he’s stuck & about to turn into a taco puhaha.

Actually swallowing food, hurray! It only took about two weeks, but he’s finally getting the hang of using this thing called a spoon. It is wonderful.

Pulling & grabbing like no other. He has a monster grip & super baby strength. You should see the way he ninja blocks me when I try to suck the snot out of his nose. It’s a two-man job, for sure.


Lots of crying from the nosefrida. Oh, how he hates the nosefrida. As soon as he sees it, arms flail & tears start coming. But he is back to smiles & giggles as soon as we pick him up.


Ollie’s been extending waketimes like crazy the last few weeks… so we’ve got a morning nap & an afternoon nap most days & on days when he has a particularly bad afternoon nap, I will offer him an evening catnap to tide him over till bedtime. It is going pretty smoothly for the most part (knock on wood). He’s been waking early in the morning these days though & I can’t figure out why. He is content to wait till we get him though, so it’s not a problem… yet.


The nosefrida. Did I mention that already? ;)

Bananas? I say that with a question mark because it’s not like he fusses or even makes a funny face when he eats bananas, but he does start blowing raspberries & spits out most of what I give him. Maybe it’s the slimy texture. Don’t know. Will try again in a couple weeks.

Being left alone in the jumper. I don’t know why he doesn’t like being alone in the jumper. I used to do it before & he would be perfectly content jumping away while I was in the kitchen. He’s also fine being alone on a playmat or blanket. He also LOVES the jumper when I sit next to him. Strange kid.


BATHTIME. Oh my word. He liked baths before, but he LOVES bathtime now. He kicks and squeals so much that half the water is gone by the time we finish bathing him. It is incredibly delightful to watch him, which is why I want to give him baths everyday (but we stick to every other day).

Daddy. Daddy is the best at tickling him and poking him in all the right places. He always pulls out the best laughs for Steven — the squealy, gasping, mouth-is-going-to-rip-from-smiling-so-big ones.

Avocados. Yum yum, ate these right up the first time I gave them to him. It makes a mama proud when her baby loves avocados.

Being naked. Are other babies like this too? He gets so happy when we strip his clothes & diaper off. So funny, so cute. :)