The Glow.

November 22, 2011

Have you guys heard of The Glow? It’s a little collection of photos documenting the lives/homes of some designer moms. I’ve followed them since they first started up & eagerly anticipate each new family they post about (which only happens about once a month or so). I love everything about it — the stylish mamas, adorable kids in adorable clothes, all the unique home decor, and especially the captions where the moms share about how they raise their children & balance home life & work life. I know that the picture is incomplete — they don’t show all the tantrums, meltdowns, and crazy messes — but it is still so sweet to see how much all these moms cherish their children & delight in the everyday things.

“It’s hard to be little so give them the time they need to sort it all out—I’m pretty sure that by the time she’s 10 she will no longer want a pacifier at bedtime, wear a diaper when she sleeps, or insist on putting away her favorite toys when friends come over (her attempt at getting around the whole sharing thing).” -Lauren Moffatt

“I try to use our time together to do fun things, even when I’m so tired I can’t see straight. I create fun rituals that Grayson and I will look forward to. We do quick meals together with easy clean up.” -Meredith Kahn

“I try really hard not to let any of it pass me by. I don’t want to take even a moment for granted.” -Ramya Giangola

“I don’t let her watch T.V., but she watches it sometimes with her dad. She’s obsessed with Dora. My friend actually had to stop her daughter from watching it because she was starting to talk like Dora.” -Laura Garcia

“It’s frightening at times to think that you are shaping someone’s life and who they will become. Often I hear Ruby using one of my expressions, or doing an unfortunate dance move that she learned from me and I’m reminded that she is a sponge, taking it all in, and each moment big or small molds who she is. I used to catch myself when I sounded or acted like my mother—singing off-key definitely comes from her, we’re both a bit tone-deaf—but now I love it. I am my mother’s daughter, and Ruby is all mine.” -Jeanann Williams

“I hate this saying, but ‘don’t sweat the small stuff’ is true. I now try to let the small stuff slide—there will be lots of small stuff so I make it a point to focus my energy on the big issues.” -Christiane Lemieux

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