Oliver at Five Months.

November 18, 2011

There’s a new blog I read: E Tells Tales. I love it cause she’s about the same age as me & has a baby boy EE who is just about a week older than Ollie. She’s a great storyteller & is just plain funny (though she does have a bit of a potty mouth). I find myself laughing out loud to a lot of her posts. Anyway, she posts these monthly updates of EE that are so funny & maybe even more amusing to me because I can nod my head in agreement to so much of what she writes. I wish I had done the same since Ollie was one month, but ah well, five months is still better than never!

So here goes:

Special Talents

Rolling from back to tummy. Still can’t go from tummy to back, but I really don’t mind so much since he is a tummy sleeper. I attribute his slow progress on rolling to his ginormous cloth diapered booty (speaking of which, I will post a cloth diapering report soon!).

Smiling, laughing, squealing & screaming. He’s definitely testing the range of his voice these days. Sometimes the noises that come out sound not-so-happy, but we really can’t tell, so we just leave him there to keep on screaming away.

Like EE, Ollie is the king of breastfeeding abuse. He is constantly smacking me in the chest & face with his free arm, biting my nipples, scratching my face, pulling my hair, and kicking my arm. It gets worse as the day goes on. Why?!


Thankfully he has never been much of a crier (except back in the first month when he would scream/cry his head off for hours in the middle of the night. Thank GOD those days are over…). He’s never cried very much before falling asleep, or even when he gets up early, but lately he has been crying more. I can’t figure out why — maybe he just enjoys our company more now?


Still an excellent 7-7 nighttime sleeper (so thankful). His morning nap is pretty golden, but the afternoon nap is hit or miss. Trying out all different kinds of waketime lengths, but still haven’t figured it out. Thankfully he makes up for a bad afternoon nap by taking a stellar evening nap. ¬†Overall he is a pretty good sleeper I would say, but it still stresses me out like crazy when he doesn’t nap well. I don’t know why I do that to myself. It obviously bothers me more than it bothers him.


When I leave him alone for more than 20-30 min. Usually when he’s about to cry, he lays really still on his playmat for a few minutes, not moving at all, and then bursts out with a LOUD tearful cry. Haha, it is so cute & endearing.

When I flick him on the cheek for biting me while nursing. At first he would just pull off and look at me then go straight back to eating. But I flicked him recently a little bit harder & he started screaming crying, tears rolling down his face, and refused to nurse. Even after I bounced him around & told him it was okay, he would just cry and cry every time I brought him close. It was the most heartbreaking thing I’ve experienced since I became a mother. I can see why it is so hard to discipline your kids…. I just want him to be happy all the time! Is that so unreasonable?

Sleeping in the stroller. Like, he doesn’t do it anymore. End of story.


Being bounced & kissed & sung to. Smiles & giggles abound. Daddy is the best at this… Mommy’s arms get too tired.

Mirrors! Seeing his reflection = immediate smiles. Must have picked that one up from his pops. ;) Just kidding, honey……

Watching us eat real people food. He is entranced whenever we put anything in our mouths — food, cups, forks. He is probably ready to start solids, but I am holding out just a little bit longer till we get back our norcal trip. Half dreading the extra work, but half excited for all the funny faces & to see how he likes eating different foods.

Gnawing on Sophie the giraffe. Because, yes, he got his first tooth! And it feels like his second is gonna come through in the next couple weeks. Oh boy, our baby is growing up so fast!

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