Things I Love. Right. Now.

October 25, 2011

I’ve been meaning to update. Cause the last time I blogged about Ollie, I think was when he was 2.5 months old. Now he’s 4.5 months. Time flies crazy fast like that. He is doing all sorts of new things, like laughing, coughing (for fun, I think… I hope), shaking toys, sucking his thumb, jumping in his jumper, making lots of funny sounds. Normal baby things, but somehow when it’s your own baby, it is 100000000x more fascinating.

He is also going through something called a wonder week right now. Have you heard of wonder weeks before? They are supposedly these set weeks throughout a baby’s first 1-2 years of life where they have these developmental leaps. But before they master a new skill, they are extremely fussy, clingy, crying, unhappy, don’t sleep well, don’t eat well, etc. etc. I never really noticed a difference with him with the earlier wonder weeks, but this one is crazy. He seriously seems like someone else’s child. Crying in the car, crying while we hold him, crying before bed, crying on the playmat, crying in the jumper (his favorite!!). I am eagerly awaiting the end of this wonder week, because supposedly afterward comes weeks of sunshine & happiness & new skills! Oh boy, I can’t wait. :)

But even despite his unusual fussiness, I am still growing more in love with our little guy by the day & am so totally enjoying this stage he’s in right now. He is growing so fast — I can’t believe we’re already a third of the way to one year! So I wanted to share some of the things I absolutely love about where we are right now:

  • His laugh. I die. It melts me. He laughs when we bounce him around & say “bouncy, bouncy, bouncy”, when I wipe his wee-wee with a wet wipe, when I wipe his hands with a wet washcloth, when we poke him around the belly & say “beep, beep, beep”, when we play peek-a-boo, when he jumps in his jumper (except this week… this week he cries haha). It is just about the most adorablest thing ever. His eyes turn into moons & he laughs like he’s running out of breath. It’s the best.
  • My favorite part of the day has to be right after I nurse him. He starts talking about 5min into the feeding… while he’s still eating. Great multi-tasker, no? And after he comes off, he is the happiest, smiliest, coo-iest baby ever. Steven & I relish that time & always leave him on the brest friend for a couple minutes & coo with him before we pick him up to burp him. I will miss that time so so much after he is weaned.
  • I also love getting him after every nap & in the morning. No matter how much he has slept, he is always so happy to be picked up from the crib. Today he woke up half an hour early from his morning nap & was quietly sucking on his fingers in the crib. I snuck into his room when it was time to get him & peered through the slats & said “Hi, Ollie!” He propped himself up on his arms so fast & gave the biggest smile, even though he couldn’t even see me yet. So cute.
  • I love taking walks with him in the stroller. He is just so curious these days & loves looking up at all the trees, sky, buildings, people. It is so cute to see his head tilted all the way back, just soaking everything in.
  • Bath time! He has enjoyed bath time for awhile now, but he is really loving kicking & splashing in the water these days. I love seeing all his rolls & his moobies & his general chunky monkey-ness. Oh, and his inverted wee-wee ;)
  • He loves jumping in his doorway jumper (except this week, not so much). I found a used one at a local Children’s Orchard & it was a great investment! Seriously entertains him to no end while I’m in the kitchen or on the computer. He used to only jump on one foot, but now he jumps very enthusiastically & makes gasping sounds while he does. Again, hard to describe, but very cute nonetheless. He looks like a little ballerina when he jumps — I call him twinkle toes muhaha. Don’t worry, he’ll never know…
Basically, I like it when he’s happy. Can you blame me?