I Forgot the Most Important One…

September 12, 2011

I smacked myself in the head the day after I wrote my top 15 post, cause I forgot my most important baby item: the baby scale.

We never registered for a baby scale. We actually never even had the intention of purchasing one. But we went to a children’s consignment sale earlier this year & Steven found this baby scale for only $5! We didn’t know if it was accurate or even if it worked, but we bought it cause it was so cheap. Thankfully it worked perfectly & has turned out to be one of my most cherished baby items from day one to this very day!

Reasons why I love the baby scale:

1. All breastfeeding moms probably worry at some point or another if their baby is getting enough milk. I did A LOT during those first two weeks. He was so sleepy at the breast, I couldn’t tell if he was eating or just sucking. Three months & eight pounds later, I still worry. Many women will anxiously await their next doctor’s appointment to see if their baby is gaining enough weight. Or if they’re desperate, they will take their babies in to the pediatrician or a lactation consultant just to get weighed. With a baby scale, it’s so nice to just be able to weigh him before & after feedings whenever I want (you can really know how many ounces they take in by weighing before & after feedings without changing the diaper). I know it is a little obsessive, but I still do it everyday.

2. For a couple weeks, Ollie had really weird stool — lots of changing colors, consistency, & definitely diarrhea. I was so so worried that he was going to get dehydrated & start losing weight. But I weighed him at the beginning of every day to see if he was losing weight, and though he didn’t gain as quickly during those couple weeks, he didn’t lose weight. That gave me some peace of mind & thankfully his weird stooling stage has passed.

3. I know about how many ounces of pumped milk to give him when I give him a bottle. Breastmilk changes in fat content throughout the day (lots more thirst-quenching foremilk in the morning, gradually shifting to high-calorie fattier hindmilk in the afternoon & evening). They say that babies will vary in how many ounces they drink from feeding to feeding, and even from day to day (which is true), but I didn’t realize how much it varies. Right now, Ollie drinks about 9 ounces for his first feeding of the day (baby eats like a monster in the morning), and it gradually tapers off throughout the day so that he is only drinking about 3-4 ounces for his bedtime feed. When Steven gives him a bottle, I can tell him about how much to offer him based on what is normal for him at that time. It’s reassuring to know that we’re offering him enough.

4. When Ollie started nursing faster (around 6-7 weeks), I worried that he wasn’t eating well. He all of a sudden dropped from taking ~45 minutes to just ~30 minutes. I was concerned. But the baby scale reassured me that he was still getting the same amount of ounces in much less time. It kept me from worrying needlessly for days.

I love my baby scale! This one on Amazon seems like a great deal — for less than $50, it’s way more worth it than any other baby product (in my opinion). :)

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