Take Gentle Care of Yourself.

August 15, 2011

I know, two posts in two days… what’s going on?!

Just wanted to pop in & share something I really appreciated reading a few weeks ago. Joanna Goddard is one of my favorite bloggers & she recently started a series on her blog called Motherhood Mondays. I totally devour everything she writes. She wrote a post a few weeks ago about how she balances work & taking care of her baby. A lot of it didn’t apply to me since I’m not planning on working like crazy anymore (not that I worked like crazy before…), but I loved one point that she made:

My own mom often tells me, “Take gentle care of yourself,” which I think is a surprisingly profound thing to remember. Of course, it’s true for everyone, not just mothers. Everybody feels overwhelmed sometimes, and it’s really easy to beat yourself up or put too much pressure on yourself or assume everyone around you has a perfect life. That’s not true, and we should be kind to ourselves and treat ourselves like the sweet souls we are.

One commenter last week left a great line: She said, “Bless you new moms. If you’re trying, you’re doing a great job.” We don’t have to be perfect; we just have to be gentle to ourselves and take it one step at a time.

Not sure if I would go so far as to call myself a ‘sweet soul’, but I appreciated the sentiment & encouragement to not beat myself up for what feels like a million failures on my part already as a mother.


In other news, Ollie got his vaccines today & took them like a champ. He cried briefly but was fine by the time we left the office. He was also so so tired at the doctor’s office because it was during his usual naptime. So tired that he fell asleep on me while we were waiting for the nurse to come in & give him his shots. I realized that it was the first time he ever fell asleep on me… I’ve never held him to sleep & always put him down to sleep in his crib (I honestly think he sleeps better in his crib than in someone’s arms). But it was a really sweet moment for me & I may look forward to more opportunities like these… :)

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