Two Months.

August 14, 2011

Baby is two months today — what a wonder! Can’t believe he is already 9 weeks old… it has seemed both forever long & so fast! He goes in for his two month appointment tomorrow. I am terrified for his vaccines (I think I will cry if he cries), but excited to see how much he has grown since his last appointment. :)

New Developments for Baby

1. He is so dang smiley now. I can’t get enough. I heard once that your children’s happiness can be addicting, so much that you just want to give them anything & everything to make them smile. I shudder to think of the day I have to discipline the little bugger — it will break my heart, I’m sure.
2. Baby is getting more & more mobile. When we put him down, we put him on his tummy facing the right side of the crib. When I check the monitor, I see him kicking his way over to the opposite side of the crib. And sometimes back again. Sometimes I watch him do a full 360. He’s crazy.
3. He also loves to do “push-ups” in the crib, keeping his head up for as long as possible until he gets too tired. I think it’s both hilarious & terribly annoying. He does this without fail every time I put him down for a nap, yet he despises tummy time on his play mat. It’s the same exact thing… I don’t get it.
4. On two occasions, I caught him flipped over on his back. He wasn’t crying at all… I just happened to check the monitor & saw him on his back staring quietly at the ceiling. I freaked out & immediately flipped him back over, but I was laughing inside & wondering how in the world he even managed to do that!
5. Baby is doing some pretty great stretches for us at nighttime. It isn’t consistently fantastic, but I’m definitely thankful for the progress he’s making. I can’t wait for the day he just sleeps from 7 to 7 without a peep! (Even if he sleeps an 8 or 10-hr stretch, he will make whimpering noises here & there & I will be up staring at the monitor for up to 2 hours sometimes… drives me crazy!)
6. Ollie is fascinated with this little wall shelf that hangs above his changing pad. There’s really nothing to it — it’s just a black shelf — but he thinks it’s the most hilarious thing & will smile really big & coo at it whenever he’s on the changing pad. I call it his best friend. :)

New Developments for Mommy

1. I feel so much more stable. Praise the LORD. I really look back on the past two months & see that the Lord was faithful to preserve & sustain me. I don’t want to speak so confidently like it’s all easy breezy now, but seriously, things are much. better. A sister pointed me to Psalm 34 during those early weeks & it was my refuge when things were rough. Thank you God for mercy. <3
2. I’ve been sleeping between 8-9pm for the past month. Oliver went through this weird funk where he had a major fussy period starting around 9pm & it would drive me up. the. wall. After Steven witnessed me turning into crazy psychopathic monster woman, we decided it was best for me to go to sleep before he started fussing & Steven would hang out in the living room with the monitor. It worked out great for us, but since then, he has stopped fussing at night… and I am still sleeping at 8pm hahaha. I think it’s time to start living life again… you know, staying up till the adventurous hour of 10pm & the like.
3. I forgot to take my Brest Friend to church with me today. I was so sad & was even going to ask Connie to borrow hers, but I gave it a try & lo & behold… I nursed him without it! I felt very accomplished. Small victories.
4. I have pretty much plateaued in the weight loss department. I plateaued after the first 2 weeks actually. Lost 25 lbs just like that & the last 15 just refuse to budge. But I am managing to squeeze into some pre-pregnancy clothes here & there… though there are a ton that I have just dumped into a “save for later” pile. Oh, for the day I can feel good in my jeggings again…. :(
5. This week I am venturing out for some play dates for the first time ever. It will be my first time driving him by myself. It will be my first time napping him a pack n play at someone else’s house. It will be my first time taking him out by myself without Steven. Pray for me.

New Developments for Daddy

1. There actually aren’t very many new developments for daddy, but I added this section just to be fair. ;)
2. Steven has gotten much better at giving massages… I know, because I ask for one every day he he ha.
3.  He is also happy that many more people seem to think Ollie is resembling him more now. He was a crucial part of the process after all.

Before I go, a few recent pictures of our little man:

Maybe a premature introduction to the bumbo.

Tummy time.

Morning wake time with daddy.

Befriending Sophie.

Hong grandparents.

Kimn grandparents.

I love his face when he’s getting burped!

Smiling for grandma.

And finally, a rare picture with mommy! <3

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