A Room for Baby.

August 26, 2011

I meant to post pictures of the nursery before Oliver arrived, but I never got to a point where I felt it was complete. There are still a couple things I want to add (e.g. framed maternity photo, framed ultrasound), but for now, this is how it looks. I’ll post links to all my resources, in case anyone wants to purchase the same thing:

Our crib is actually from Walmart: Baby Mod Olivia Crib.  At first I really wanted the Oeuf crib, but it was just too expensive. Steven found this cheap knock-off from Walmart that had really good ratings. We love the modern design & walnut base, and it’s awesome that it came with a mattress & toddler conversion kit. Dang good deal.

The framed vintage map of the US is a flea market find from the Rose Bowl Flea. We had been looking for a good map all day but were unsuccessful. Right before we were about to leave, we saw this one. The seller gave me a discount when he saw my belly & we told him it was for our nursery. ;]

I had originally planned on sewing my own crib skirt & bumper, but found this Dwell Studio for Target bedding on Craigslist for a great deal. From the picture I thought it was more grey than blue, but I still like it — simple patterns, not too baby-ish.

The baby blanket hanging off the crib is from PataPri. I had it custom made with the raindrop pattern I love.

The bamboo mobile is the Forest Friends Mobile from Petit Collage. My mom asked why I bought a mobile that has no color & can’t play music. Because it’s pretty! Duh.

Also. I know my crib sheet isn’t super cute — it’s just white — but it is one of my favorite baby products. The zipping mechanism makes it so convenient to change, which I sometimes have to do twice a day cause he spits up so much. Thanks for the rec, Joan!

The dresser is the Hemnes 3-drawer dresser from Ikea. They were actually out of stock when we went, but we saw this one in the as-is section as we were leaving. The drawer pulls were from the clearance section at Anthropologie.

The Skip Hop changing pad cover was a registry gift.

We bought the “odh” letters from Anthropologie last minute, I think a week before he was born! The Jellycat stuffed animal & rattle are from dear friends. The wooden toy from my best friend. And cutie moccasins & TOMs (thanks Auntie Amanda!) for when he gets a little older & can actually walk in them :]

Steven bought me this neat Eames style rocker from Modernica for Mother’s Day/our anniversary. I don’t actually rock him much in it, but I love it nonetheless. I also try to take his monthly photos in this chair :]

The robot is a Kauzbot, stuffed robots whose sales go toward a good cause. This one’s Kiefer & supports refugees. It matches the Kauzbot Karson we bought for baby Isaac last Christmas. I got it at my robot-themed baby shower (which was very cute btw).

Kiefer’s sitting atop a couple Aden + Anais swaddle blankets. I know everyone at church has the same ones, but I still like them cause they’re so soft & lightweight — perfect for summer.

And the rug. He he he, no I did not consult with Steven before I ordered it. Oh well. Boys can like hearts too….

We kept the Craigslist futon that was in this room from before, since my mom stayed with us for the first three weeks after Ollie was born. The pillow on the left is a $5 vintage sale find. It is a little oversized & not quite matching, but it is the absolute best cushion support for my back when I am nursing. The yellow one on the right is Dwell Studio for Target. The teal velvet one is from the Urban Outfitters clearance section. I love mismatching cushions & am always looking for more to add to our home.

The green ampersand was an Anthropologie purchase a long time ago. I also bought a zinc ampersand around the same time, but I cannot find it for the life of me. It got lost somewhere in our move from Costa Mesa to Cerritos to Aliso Viejo…. along with Steven’s suit. But that’s another story.

Probably my favorite print on the wall is the Animal Alphabet Chart by Rifle Paper Co. Rifle is hands down my favorite paper company. Ever. We also have this pair of prints hanging in our bathroom — I love them!

Above is our wedding invitation, designed by the lovely Esther Yi. This was back when bakers twine & kraft paper were the new “in” things. And also back when I had no idea how to use Adobe Illustrator.

Above that is Nan Lawson’s Where the Wild Things Are print. I love her style.

And next to that is a colorful wool felt ball wreath I made last Christmas.

I found the mirror while shopping with Bryn at the Long Beach Flea Market. It used to be an off white/yellow color, but I painted it teal. Actually I painted it plum first, but it looked evil, so I repainted it teal. I didn’t want my baby looking at no evil mirror.

The print on top is a wood print of San Francisco by Petit Collage. I thought I should represent the Bay somewhere :]

Under that is a 2011 calendar print I bought off one of Danni’s Good Cheer Deals.  I actually don’t remember the shop & I can’t go into the nursery to look at it cause baby’s sleeping. Ask me if you’re interested… though I doubt anyone’s looking for a 2011 calendar anymore…..

Another Nan Lawson bicycle print below.

And an old engagement picture taken by the lovely Courtney Chow.

And the last little wall…

Chalkboard & wall hooks from Urban Outfitters — not sure if they carry them anymore.

We found these Dick & Jane flash cards from a vintage sale — I love them! I wanted to buy the whole box, but it was way overpriced, so I picked & chose a few fun words. :]

Hanging from the hooks are a Balboa Baby shopping cart cover (which I have yet to use, since as you can guess, Ollie cannot sit up on his own yet), a cute Janie & Jack romper, & my favorite Petit Bateau sweater that he will probably never wear because it is t-i-n-y!

And that’s a wrap! What was baby Oliver doing while I was snapping all these photos of his room?

Oh, you know, just hanging out & smiling at his favorite cow mirror. ;]


I know, two posts in two days… what’s going on?!

Just wanted to pop in & share something I really appreciated reading a few weeks ago. Joanna Goddard is one of my favorite bloggers & she recently started a series on her blog called Motherhood Mondays. I totally devour everything she writes. She wrote a post a few weeks ago about how she balances work & taking care of her baby. A lot of it didn’t apply to me since I’m not planning on working like crazy anymore (not that I worked like crazy before…), but I loved one point that she made:

My own mom often tells me, “Take gentle care of yourself,” which I think is a surprisingly profound thing to remember. Of course, it’s true for everyone, not just mothers. Everybody feels overwhelmed sometimes, and it’s really easy to beat yourself up or put too much pressure on yourself or assume everyone around you has a perfect life. That’s not true, and we should be kind to ourselves and treat ourselves like the sweet souls we are.

One commenter last week left a great line: She said, “Bless you new moms. If you’re trying, you’re doing a great job.” We don’t have to be perfect; we just have to be gentle to ourselves and take it one step at a time.

Not sure if I would go so far as to call myself a ‘sweet soul’, but I appreciated the sentiment & encouragement to not beat myself up for what feels like a million failures on my part already as a mother.


In other news, Ollie got his vaccines today & took them like a champ. He cried briefly but was fine by the time we left the office. He was also so so tired at the doctor’s office because it was during his usual naptime. So tired that he fell asleep on me while we were waiting for the nurse to come in & give him his shots. I realized that it was the first time he ever fell asleep on me… I’ve never held him to sleep & always put him down to sleep in his crib (I honestly think he sleeps better in his crib than in someone’s arms). But it was a really sweet moment for me & I may look forward to more opportunities like these… :)

Two Months.

August 14, 2011

Baby is two months today — what a wonder! Can’t believe he is already 9 weeks old… it has seemed both forever long & so fast! He goes in for his two month appointment tomorrow. I am terrified for his vaccines (I think I will cry if he cries), but excited to see how much he has grown since his last appointment. :)

New Developments for Baby

1. He is so dang smiley now. I can’t get enough. I heard once that your children’s happiness can be addicting, so much that you just want to give them anything & everything to make them smile. I shudder to think of the day I have to discipline the little bugger — it will break my heart, I’m sure.
2. Baby is getting more & more mobile. When we put him down, we put him on his tummy facing the right side of the crib. When I check the monitor, I see him kicking his way over to the opposite side of the crib. And sometimes back again. Sometimes I watch him do a full 360. He’s crazy.
3. He also loves to do “push-ups” in the crib, keeping his head up for as long as possible until he gets too tired. I think it’s both hilarious & terribly annoying. He does this without fail every time I put him down for a nap, yet he despises tummy time on his play mat. It’s the same exact thing… I don’t get it.
4. On two occasions, I caught him flipped over on his back. He wasn’t crying at all… I just happened to check the monitor & saw him on his back staring quietly at the ceiling. I freaked out & immediately flipped him back over, but I was laughing inside & wondering how in the world he even managed to do that!
5. Baby is doing some pretty great stretches for us at nighttime. It isn’t consistently fantastic, but I’m definitely thankful for the progress he’s making. I can’t wait for the day he just sleeps from 7 to 7 without a peep! (Even if he sleeps an 8 or 10-hr stretch, he will make whimpering noises here & there & I will be up staring at the monitor for up to 2 hours sometimes… drives me crazy!)
6. Ollie is fascinated with this little wall shelf that hangs above his changing pad. There’s really nothing to it — it’s just a black shelf — but he thinks it’s the most hilarious thing & will smile really big & coo at it whenever he’s on the changing pad. I call it his best friend. :)

New Developments for Mommy

1. I feel so much more stable. Praise the LORD. I really look back on the past two months & see that the Lord was faithful to preserve & sustain me. I don’t want to speak so confidently like it’s all easy breezy now, but seriously, things are much. better. A sister pointed me to Psalm 34 during those early weeks & it was my refuge when things were rough. Thank you God for mercy. <3
2. I’ve been sleeping between 8-9pm for the past month. Oliver went through this weird funk where he had a major fussy period starting around 9pm & it would drive me up. the. wall. After Steven witnessed me turning into crazy psychopathic monster woman, we decided it was best for me to go to sleep before he started fussing & Steven would hang out in the living room with the monitor. It worked out great for us, but since then, he has stopped fussing at night… and I am still sleeping at 8pm hahaha. I think it’s time to start living life again… you know, staying up till the adventurous hour of 10pm & the like.
3. I forgot to take my Brest Friend to church with me today. I was so sad & was even going to ask Connie to borrow hers, but I gave it a try & lo & behold… I nursed him without it! I felt very accomplished. Small victories.
4. I have pretty much plateaued in the weight loss department. I plateaued after the first 2 weeks actually. Lost 25 lbs just like that & the last 15 just refuse to budge. But I am managing to squeeze into some pre-pregnancy clothes here & there… though there are a ton that I have just dumped into a “save for later” pile. Oh, for the day I can feel good in my jeggings again…. :(
5. This week I am venturing out for some play dates for the first time ever. It will be my first time driving him by myself. It will be my first time napping him a pack n play at someone else’s house. It will be my first time taking him out by myself without Steven. Pray for me.

New Developments for Daddy

1. There actually aren’t very many new developments for daddy, but I added this section just to be fair. ;)
2. Steven has gotten much better at giving massages… I know, because I ask for one every day he he ha.
3.  He is also happy that many more people seem to think Ollie is resembling him more now. He was a crucial part of the process after all.

Before I go, a few recent pictures of our little man:

Maybe a premature introduction to the bumbo.

Tummy time.

Morning wake time with daddy.

Befriending Sophie.

Hong grandparents.

Kimn grandparents.

I love his face when he’s getting burped!

Smiling for grandma.

And finally, a rare picture with mommy! <3