Birth Story.

July 10, 2011

It has officially been 26 days since Oliver was born. Life has seemed like a blur — days blending into each other, nights seeming longer than days, living hour-to-hour, feeding-to-feeding. Despite all the stories I had heard from fellow mamas, nothing quite prepared me for the real deal. Won’t go into all the details now — I need to take a step back from it all before I write about it (and that might take me a couple more weeks) — but wanted to share our birth story with you today. :)

On Monday June 13 (Steven’s birthday), I went out with some girlfriends to celebrate Sharon’s birthday. I know… why am I celebrating my friend’s birthday when it’s my husband’s birthday? Don’t worry, we celebrated Steven’s birthday the whole weekend prior. So a bunch of us girls met up at La Creperie in Long Beach & feasted on a ton of dessert crepes & ice cream. People kept asking me if I felt any different, like the baby would be coming sometime soon, but I really didn’t. I felt totally normal (aside from the fact that I was huge). I got home at 10:30pm, went to bed around 11pm, woke up to go to the bathroom at midnight, and what do you know, my water breaks. I wasn’t sure that my water had broken — I was just leaking pink fluid — but I called the hospital & they told me to come in to be evaluated. We hurriedly packed up our bags. Steven told me to eat something since I might have a long labor ahead, but I was still full from the crepes so I declined. I started feeling shaky & a little nauseous on the way to the hospital — I think cause I was starting to get nervous that it might really be happening. We checked in & sure enough, they confirmed that my water had broken. They monitored me to see if my body would kick into labor on its own, and though they could see that I was having minor contractions, I couldn’t feel them at all. So they gave me some Prostin to help induce labor & said that I should gradually feel stronger contractions throughout the night & day. They estimated that I would deliver in the late afternoon or evening. I could feel the contractions growing stronger by the minute & was wondering how I was going to make it through half a day without any painkiller. At a certain point, I couldn’t handle the pain anymore and asked if they could give me something to just take the edge off a little. They gave me Nubain, which worked immediately, but wore off in less than an hour. As soon as it wore off, the contractions were back & stronger than ever. I started panicking that I wouldn’t get any painkiller before the next contraction hit (they were seriously painful… I was squeezing Steven’s fingers through each one & he was in pain haha). So they gave me an epidural, and hallelujah, the pain subsided just like that! Praise the Lord for epidurals. This whole time I had no idea how dilated I was — the doctor on-call assumed that I probably wasn’t that far along yet & didn’t want to check me too frequently. I felt dull urges to push now & then, but my nurse told me it was normal & it was just the baby moving further down. At around 6:30am, the nurse wanted to insert internal monitors on the baby, and when she checked me, she was shocked to find that I was fully dilated. My wonderful OB came into the hospital around 7am. He had a surgery scheduled for 7:30am but just wanted to check on me before he went into surgery. They figured that I would deliver the baby after his surgery since most first-time moms can push anywhere from 1-3 hours. But he checked me and said the baby was ready to come out right then! Nurses were running around our room, getting everything prepped for delivery, and then they told me to push. I felt a wave of nausea hit me & then threw up all the delicious crepes I ate the night before — needless to say, it tasted much better going in than coming out. I pushed through 3 rounds of contractions & out he came in just about 15 minutes at precisely 7:22am! It was a totally surreal experience — I didn’t even know that he had come out when he did until they lifted him and placed him on top of my chest. Steven was tearing up & trying to take pictures at the same time — I was in shock & totally confused cause everything was happening so fast. My first thoughts were that he looked just like my brother (!!) and that he had really good lungs (his cry was so loud!).

He’s already changed so much since then — looking more like me than my brother, then looking more like a mix of me & Steven, features becoming more defined, skin going through crazy changes (crazy cradle cap, baby acne, rash… so sad), eyes becoming more alert. Won’t post a ton of pictures, but here are a couple of our little man!

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