June 6, 2011

On Saturday we celebrated our two year anniversary with brunch at Las Brisas. We thought it was a fitting venue since we got engaged at the gazebo in front of Las Brisas but had actually never eaten there together. We feasted on our favorite meal of the day, walked down to the gazebo, tried & failed to take some romantic pictures together, and people-watched at the beach. It was simple & sweet. :)

Happy two, love! You are my most favorite person in the whole wide world & I’m so thankful I get to spend everyday with you. Don’t remember life before you; can’t imagine life without you. <3

In the past year…

-we moved to our little 2br apt in Aliso Viejo. We went on a painting frenzy. I picked out sample colors & painted swatches on the wall; you helped me narrow down the choices. I brushed; you rolled. You gave me a budget to decorate. Thanks, my friend. I love that we made this place “home”.

-I got my wisdom teeth pulled. I cried & whimpered like a baby. You hugged me, kissed me, bought me lots of yogurt & told me it would heal soon. It did.

-you got your wisdom teeth pulled. You asked to keep your teeth so you could examine them & kept playing with them until the gums on the teeth turned black & you had to throw them away. You downed smoothie after smoothie & were back to eating real food in no time cause you really wanted that chicken katsu.

-you planned a secret spa day for me & some girlfriends from church. You knew I was going through a rough patch & wanted me to have a day to relax & bond with the girls.

-you accompanied me to countless flea markets & yard sales, because you know I like those things. Hours of walking around in the sun (leading to sunburns for you), just to come home with a little vintage trinket here or there. Thanks buddy. :)

-we babysat for so many babies/kids at church. I loved watching you play with the kids, be goofy for them, let them climb all over you, and make crazy faces for the babies. I especially loved seeing your special uncle love for Isaac — you adore him & can’t get enough of him. Now I just can’t wait to see your special daddy love for Ollie… <3

-we got pregnant & you held my hand tightly through every moment of that scary first trimester. You supported me emotionally, physically, & spiritually. Got up in the middle of the night to make me mool-bap, eggos, smoothies, & boiled eggs when I was sick. Sat behind me in the bathroom as I threw up over & over again. Prayed for me & the baby daily… multiple times a day. Held me while I cried cause the morning sickness was too hard & I felt like I was going to die. Cried with me when we saw our baby’s heartbeat & delighted with me when we saw him squirming around & sucking his thumb.

-I grew my etsy shop & design business because you rooted for me all along the way. You constantly encouraged me in all my endeavors & gently pushed me to keep trying when I got discouraged. When critics sent me mean emails, you quietly defended me & helped me to cool down (literally… in the form of store-bought ice cream). You are my biggest fan; I couldn’t do any of it without you.

-you grew out a beard & mustache. Shaved the beard & looked Mexican. Shaved the stache & looked young again. Then grew them out all over again.

-you surprised me by taking two days off of work to take me to all my favorite places to eat in LA & SD. I love that we love to eat. And you bought me the coolest rocking chair ever as a first Mother’s Day/early anniversary gift.

Two years have seemed both so short & so long. Short cause time is flying by. And long cause I feel like we’ve been married forever. Here’s to many more years with you… I love you! <3

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