Going Cloth.

June 3, 2011

As promised, here is my post on why I decided to go the cloth diapering route. When I tell people I’m going to cloth diaper, I get a lot of funny faces, disgusted faces, & of course the question “WHY??”

I know. I felt the same way before too. The idea of washing poo is a little gross, I admit. But honestly I think the misconception comes from a lack of knowledge about how modern cloth diapers work. Cloth diapers have come a long way since our own baby days. No more of that safety pinned pre-folds with waterproof covers & pants. Well, some people still choose to go that route. But here let me introduce you to the brand I will be using: bumgenius!

Aren’t they cute?! :)

They are super easy one-size diapers that can be used from 10lb, all the way up to potty training days. The snaps make them adjustable & you can just make them one size larger for overnights. You stuff each diaper cover (shown here) with a fleece insert. For overnights, you can double the inserts for extra absorbency. When baby pees (or poos), just pull out the insert & drop the whole thing in the diaper pail. Our diaper pail is an 11 gallon trash can from Walmart. It’s lined with an anti-bacterial waterproof pail liner that you can just dump in the wash with the dirty diapers whenever you do the laundry.

Newborn poo is liquidy & not very smelly, so it can be dumped directly into the washer. I know, it sounds gross. But the way you wash cloth diapers is to do one cold rinse cycle before the hot wash, so that all the “waste” is drained beforehand. Once baby starts on solids, you can use a diaper sprayer (which attaches to your toilet pipes) to spray the waste into the toilet before dumping the dirty diaper in your pail. Apparently, it’s magical. ;)

I actually don’t really care that much about the environment & being “green” (so shoot me), but the fact that cloth diapering saves so much money makes it totally worth it for me. And it helped that Serin gave me her set of bumgenius diapers for free. :) Everyone I’ve talked to who cloth diapers & all the reviews I’ve read make it hard not to give it a shot. There are crazy rave reviews out there about cloth diapers & most of these women were skeptics to begin. They aren’t the all-green, my-kids-only-eat-organic-and-wear-organic-clothes moms. They’re normal people who just happened to give it a try & ended up loving it cause it’s just so. dang. easy!

Maybe if you hate laundry, this isn’t the route for you. But I don’t mind it so much. Laundry is cake compared to cleaning toilets & scrubbing sinks. And can I just say that I am actually excited about changing diapers? I just think these are so cool! Maybe I’ll say otherwise a couple months into the job, but for now, I’m looking forward to the day my baby fits into one of these. I’ll definitely share a cloth diapering report after a couple months of trying it out. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll make a couple converts out of you! ;)

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