False Alarm.

May 19, 2011

I am currently 36 weeks & 3 days. Next week I will be considered full-term. I have kind of had it in my head that the baby will come after our due date, just cause I know so many women who have delivered late (including my own mom, who had both me & my brother 10 days past our due dates… hence both of our giant 8lb15oz birth weights). I was doing just swimmingly counting down the weeks one by one — checking things off my to-do list & being uber productive with all my little projects. But this past week, my body really started to feel the weight of the baby, and now I have joined the rest of the eight-months-pregnant population in wanting to get this baby out sooner than later. I feel sluggish, tired, unproductive, sickly, & just plain crummy. I have little appetite & this crazy pelvic pain every time I get up & walk. I’m trying my best not to complain, but I gotta tell ya, it’s really tough.

So I’ve been talking to some mommies here & there, asking their advice about natural ways to induce labor, etc. etc. And the best advice I’ve heard so far (aside from exercise) is, ahem, intimacy. I was kinda skeptical about whether this actually works, so spent a good hour on google last night, reading about people’s experiences. I figured that even though it might not work, it definitely couldn’t hurt. ;) Sure enough, I woke up at 3am with painful contractions & lower back pain, coming & going every 7 minutes-ish. After four cycles I woke Steven up. After two more cycles I called the hospital. The doctor on-call believed I was in early labor & told me to get ready to come in to the hospital once my contractions became about 5 minutes apart. At which point I kind of started freaking out cause I realized we hadn’t even taken our childbirth class yet (it’s this Saturday) & I had no idea how to give birth to a baby or how to take care of a newborn. We showered, packed our bags, Steven prepped a bunch of emails to send to his co-workers, and then…. my contractions went away. Talk about a crazy surreal two hours. I was half relieved & half disappointed — I couldn’t figure out which one I was more.

Needless to say, I think we will be abstaining from intimate relations until after we take our childbirth class. This mama needs a little more edumacation before D-Day.