Fun with Paper.

May 10, 2011

The last few months I’ve had a lot of fun designing invitations for friends & family events. A few more to come, but just wanted to share the last three I made. I love using mixed media — I feel like it totally adds another dimension to a simple invitation.

First up: Noella’s first birthday invitation to match her rainbow-themed party. This was also the first time I bust out my sewing machine ;)

Second: my nephew Isaac’s first birthday invitation. We did an UP-themed birthday party at the park, so I included a red balloon in every invitation.

And the most recent: Rosie’s baby shower invitation for her hot air balloon / travel theme party. A fair trade since she designed the invitations for my baby shower. :)

I really want to take a typography class, but that’ll have to wait till a later date. For now, I just love pushing myself to come up with creative designs with the limited skills & knowledge that I have.

K, that’s all for tonight! Next up: 35 week update.