False Alarm.

May 19, 2011

I am currently 36 weeks & 3 days. Next week I will be considered full-term. I have kind of had it in my head that the baby will come after our due date, just cause I know so many women who have delivered late (including my own mom, who had both me & my brother 10 days past our due dates… hence both of our giant 8lb15oz birth weights). I was doing just swimmingly counting down the weeks one by one — checking things off my to-do list & being uber productive with all my little projects. But this past week, my body really started to feel the weight of the baby, and now I have joined the rest of the eight-months-pregnant population in wanting to get this baby out sooner than later. I feel sluggish, tired, unproductive, sickly, & just plain crummy. I have little appetite & this crazy pelvic pain every time I get up & walk. I’m trying my best not to complain, but I gotta tell ya, it’s really tough.

So I’ve been talking to some mommies here & there, asking their advice about natural ways to induce labor, etc. etc. And the best advice I’ve heard so far (aside from exercise) is, ahem, intimacy. I was kinda skeptical about whether this actually works, so spent a good hour on google last night, reading about people’s experiences. I figured that even though it might not work, it definitely couldn’t hurt. ;) Sure enough, I woke up at 3am with painful contractions & lower back pain, coming & going every 7 minutes-ish. After four cycles I woke Steven up. After two more cycles I called the hospital. The doctor on-call believed I was in early labor & told me to get ready to come in to the hospital once my contractions became about 5 minutes apart. At which point I kind of started freaking out cause I realized we hadn’t even taken our childbirth class yet (it’s this Saturday) & I had no idea how to give birth to a baby or how to take care of a newborn. We showered, packed our bags, Steven prepped a bunch of emails to send to his co-workers, and then…. my contractions went away. Talk about a crazy surreal two hours. I was half relieved & half disappointed — I couldn’t figure out which one I was more.

Needless to say, I think we will be abstaining from intimate relations until after we take our childbirth class. This mama needs a little more edumacation before D-Day.


35 Weeks.

May 13, 2011

Dear Baby,

Sorry this letter is coming half a week late… I caught somewhat of a cold last weekend and it peaked on Wednesday with a fever, chills & body aches. I thought I was uncomfortable before, but being sick on top of being 8 months pregnant really takes the cake. Doctor prescribed some antibiotics for me & you will be happy to know that I am on the road to recovery. On a humorous note, though, I’ve discovered that laughing leads to coughing leads to peeing my pants a little bit. A typical conversation between me & your dad involves him cracking a joke & me telling him to stop it before I have a serious accident on my hands…. or in my pants.

I also started getting weekly check-ups this week. Dr. May (my heaven-sent OB who will be the one to deliver you into this world, Lord-willing!) says my cervix is 75% effaced and half a cm dilated. What does that mean exactly? I don’t really know taha. But he says my body is definitely preparing for labor & you are definitely head-down (good job!). A lot of people have been asking me lately if I’m nervous, and to be honest, I’m not! It is strange, but I think I am just ready to meet you. There are still so many loose ends left to tie up before you come, but all the big things are in place now — enough that I don’t feel like a crazed maniac anymore.

This week I think I did about 8 loads of laundry — washing all your new baby gear, all your itty bitty clothes, your sheets, blankets, and your stash of cool diapers haha. We also finally got the special backpack we ordered that we’ll be using as a diaper bag. I already stuffed it with your “going home” clothes from the hospital, my favorite baby blanket (that I hope will become your favorite too!), and a few other things. I have yet to pack the rest of our hospital gear. While I’m taking care of all the fun stuff, your dad has been slaving away taking care of me  (making me lemon & honey tea by the gallon, learning how to make chicken jook for the first time) and doing all the chores I don’t want to do (cleaning the bathrooms, doing the dishes, and vacuuming). It sounds funny, but I actually think he is nesting with me. Is that possible? Could there be such a thing as co-nesting?

And finally, I should really stop calling you Baby now. We decided on a name for you. Oliver David Hong. Ollie Hong. We love the name Oliver & I think it is very fitting for us, don’t you? Don’t ask us what it means though. ;) And David because both your Grandpa Kimn and Grandma Hong prayed that you would be like King David — a man after God’s own heart — from the earliest days, even before they knew you were a boy. Isn’t that so neat? It was totally meant to be.

Anyhoots, it’s time to sign off, little O. Just one more letter till we get to meet you & hold you in our arms. Or if we get lucky, you just might come before then! Either way, we. can’t. wait.

I love you for always,
your mum.

Fun with Paper.

May 10, 2011

The last few months I’ve had a lot of fun designing invitations for friends & family events. A few more to come, but just wanted to share the last three I made. I love using mixed media — I feel like it totally adds another dimension to a simple invitation.

First up: Noella’s first birthday invitation to match her rainbow-themed party. This was also the first time I bust out my sewing machine ;)

Second: my nephew Isaac’s first birthday invitation. We did an UP-themed birthday party at the park, so I included a red balloon in every invitation.

And the most recent: Rosie’s baby shower invitation for her hot air balloon / travel theme party. A fair trade since she designed the invitations for my baby shower. :)

I really want to take a typography class, but that’ll have to wait till a later date. For now, I just love pushing myself to come up with creative designs with the limited skills & knowledge that I have.

K, that’s all for tonight! Next up: 35 week update.


May 3, 2011

I feel so behind on blogging. I always have a mental list of posts that I want to do, but actually getting around to doing them is another story. So for today, I’m just going to ramble. Organized picture posts to come later this week & next week (fingers crossed)! For now, random thoughts & updates on life:

1. I had my baby shower this past Saturday & I feel a huge weight off my shoulders. Partially cause I was just so nervous about being the center of attention (I’d been having flashbacks to my bridal shower two years ago of me chewing a giant wad of bubble gum & sheepishly opening lingerie in front of ~50 women…) & partially cause I feel like I can just buy what I need to buy now. I have awesome sisters-in-law & friends, who were so sweet to put so much thought into planning this shower. The food was soooo good, the decor soooo cute, and everything so laid-back & easy. Thanks friends. :) Can I get pictures someday?

2. We also did some major purging & organizing on Sunday night. The walk-in closet in the baby room had become a nightmare — bags & bags of baby clothes, boxes of art supplies, kitchen appliances, etc. We ended up buying a dresser from Ikea on Sunday (finally) & I just stuffed all the cloth diapers & baby clothes in there. Enormous washing session to come later this week. And yes, we are cloth diapering! But that deserves a separate post altogether. :) Anyhoots, we both felt sooooo good & clean & light after we organized. The baby room is sparse, but at least it doesn’t look crazy anymore. Yes, I will post pictures… later.

3. I have officially begun to waddle. It is embarrassing & I try my best to walk straight, but it’s just uncomfortable to keep my legs together! I also feel so much pressure low in my belly. Is this what it feels like when the baby drops? Or does it get worse? On a similar note, my growing belly is causing problems in the wardrobe department. This morning I vowed to work out & actually thought I would try swimming since it’s been so hot the last two days. I squeezed on my bikini I last wore on our honeymoon & pulled a tank top over, but I just looked plain cuh-razy. So I changed my mind & decided I should go walking at the gym. Very sad to discover that my Hurley shirt doesn’t fit anymore & I have no decent comfy shorts to wear (the shorts I wear at home are Steven’s old boxers, but I would be mortified if anyone saw me in them). I then tried on one of Steven’s t-shirts & basketball shorts, but I just looked like a puny little Asian boy in oversized clothes. My solution? Give up on working out & take a shower instead.

4. My parents are currently vacationing in Korea. They’ve been there for about a week now & have two more weeks till they come back home. I didn’t realize how dependent I am on talking to them on the phone everyday until I couldn’t call them. My mom really has become my best friend over the past few years — I can’t imagine life without her. Sometimes I wish we lived closer to each other, but then I think, maybe our relationship is better because we’re further apart. Likely so. I’m so thankful that they’re coming to stay with us for a few weeks after the baby is born. From what I hear from other moms, I will need it. Badly.

5. Lately I am really starting to enjoy cooking. Haha, that sounds strange, but I actually don’t really love cooking very much. I feel like I never had a chance to really become comfortable with cooking during our first year of marriage. Cooking is one of those things where you have to develop a rhythm — once the rhythm’s broken (by eating out too much or getting sick & not cooking), it’s so tough to get back into it. These past few months have been great though — I have been excited to try out lots of new recipes & dare I say it, even do some menu planning?! I’ve been surprised by how not difficult it is & how rewarding it is to have new dishes prepared for Steven when he comes home from work. So if you have some easy, somewhat healthy, yummy recipes, please send them my way! Seriously.

6. I am feeling less anxious about motherhood now than I was during my second trimester. You’d think it’d be the opposite way around, right? I think I’ve just accepted that it will be hard & that I’ll get through it somehow. It helps to hear from moms who are honest about the challenges of the newborn stage, but who also emphasize just how deep & incredible a mother’s love for her child is. People liken it to having your heart ripped out and pinned to your chest. A little scary, but also incredibly exciting. That’s definitely something I can’t fathom yet & am so looking forward to experiencing. :)

Okiedokes, I think I will stop now. There is so much more swimming in this crazy mind of mine, but I’m sure it’s not that interesting to everyone else. Will try to be better about doing more bite-sized posts more frequently rather than these crazy long-winded rambling posts once every month. Till next time! <3