30 Weeks.

April 7, 2011

Dear Baby,

You’re getting big. And strong. Right now I can feel you moving around, punching furiously, almost like you’re trying to bust out of my belly. Sometimes your movements hurt me & sometimes they make me feel like I’m going to pee my pants, but I still think they’re so precious. Supposedly you are the size of a head of cabbage now & weighing in at almost 3 lbs. I can’t believe how much you’ve grown over the past 6 months, from a tiny poppy seed to this strong & active little boy in my belly. It’s amazing.

To be honest, the times I reflect on your two older siblings are few and far between. Life moves so quickly & it’s easy to get swept up with the events & worries of today. But occasionally I remember & am just so grateful for how far the Lord has brought you. I remember an older sister sharing with me after my first miscarriage her own experiences with multiple miscarriages. After three miscarriages she gave birth to a healthy baby girl, and she knew that she was the one the Lord wanted her to raise. It brought me a sense of comfort at the time to hear that from her, but I kept wondering if I would ever experience the same thing. Lord-willing, you’re the one He wants us to raise. In His wisdom He chose this particular time to give you to us & we couldn’t be happier at the thought of raising you. You’re a gift, a miracle. And your very existence will always point us to the kindness & mercy of our Father.

Just two and a half months left till we welcome you into this world. The nursery is slowly coming together. I am on craigslist everyday, searching for good deals on all the big-ticket items we have yet to purchase. Gifts from our registries are slowly being bought. Your grandparents are getting more excited & even starting to buy you outfits here & there. You have some awesome aunties at church who are planning a celebration for you even while you’re still in the womb. And what’s even more fun is that you’ll have tons of new friends to play with this year, as well as your two cousins! Such exciting times. :)

I’m still feeling pretty good. Maybe not as ambitious as I felt during the peak of my second trimester, but not really weighed down by fatigue yet. I still have some projects that I want to get done (like this, this, and this), along with designing your baby announcements & helping plan some parties here & there. Your pops & I are driving out to Palm Springs tomorrow for our last little weekender before you come. We’re excited for lots of yummy food & warm sun! Maybe one day when you’re older, we’ll take you back there. But for now, you can enjoy it from the inside.

Alright baby (don’t worry — your dad says he will decide on a name by the end of the weekend!), I’ve gotta get some work done. I’ll be writing you another letter before you know it.

I love you for always,
your mama.



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