A Week With Isaac.

March 18, 2011

Last week we had the privilege of watching our baby nephew Isaac for a week while Joan & Dale went to Maui. He’s just shy of one year & is at such a fun stage! Cruising about, pulling himself up by anything within arm’s reach, babbling, laughing, and playing with lots of different kinds of toys — his fave being balls, musical toys, stacking wooden blocks, and nesting boxes. Needless to say, we had a blast & loooooved spending 24/7 with the little guy!

I was pretty exhausted after the first day of watching him by myself, I knocked out on the couch after we put him down at night. But in a weird way, I kind of liked being so pooped cause I slept so well at night. Sleeping has become so uncomfortable the last couple months cause of my growing belly, frequent bathroom visits, vivid dreams, & other things. But last week I had the most amazing sleep–I didn’t wake up once between 9:30pm & 4:30am. And when I did wake up, I felt so rested, it was incredible.

I didn’t take any photos with my camera, but I did try to capture a few shots on my phone everyday to send to his mama & dada, who were missing him like crazy! Some of my faves:

Actually these were from a few weeks ago when we watched him for one night, but they’re too cute not to post!

Playing in his “cage”.

Fascinated by all the dogs playing together behind the glass at Petsmart.

Morning play time with blocks & weebles!

Favorite photo of the week: bathtime! So cute, it kills me.

Play date with girlfriend Noella in Morocco (aka Anthropologie). ;)

Spy shots while he was napping. Actually he was napping for a really long time & I kind of wanted to go run an errand, but couldn’t bear to wake him up when he was sleeping so peacefully. I thought the flash would wake him up “naturally”, but he slept through it. So I piled his stuffed animals on top of him & took more pictures taha.

Hilarious candid that Joan dubbed his “Elvis face”. He kept staring at me cause I couldn’t stop laughing after I took it.

Keeping him entertained with cheerios during my glucose test (which I passed, praise the LORD! Don’t know how I would survive without sugar & carbs…).

Playing with his two favorite blue balls…

Halmunee came to visit on Friday!

And my second favorite photo of the week: breakfast time!

All in all, it was a packed but fun-filled week for all of us. I’m so glad that Isaac did well at our place, even though he was sleeping in a different room & didn’t have his parents there. He’s such a sweet baby — I love him so much & totally miss having him with us. Already can’t wait till the next time we see him!

Taking care of him was tiring, but also reassuring. Even though Joan left me pages of instructions to help me best care for him, I had to learn a lot on the go. I know I only touched the tip of the iceberg, but it gave me a small glimpse at what parenting will be like & reassured me that I’ll be able to take care of my own baby & learn how to care for his needs when the time comes. And also reminded me how rewarding it is to care for a little one & just to see him smile or make him giggle!

It also taught us that we should milk the freedom we have right now. Steven is convinced we should eat out more before baby comes, since it is a whole nother experience eating out with a baby in tow. And I am convinced we need to travel more! A little late in my pregnancy now, but we’re trying to squeeze in one last weekend to Palm Springs & even planned a spontaneous day trip to San Diego this Saturday to eat at our fave places. Otherwise I’m afraid I may never get the chance to eat Extraordinary Desserts again!

Another thing I want to do is to expand my Etsy business a little before the baby comes. It’s such a great source of extra income for us & really enjoyable for me to do. :) I know if I don’t take the time to work on my shop now, it’ll never get done after the baby comes. I just designed a bunch of new stamps this week & will hopefully get them listed next week. Will blog about them once I do!

Till next time…


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