25 Weeks.

March 2, 2011

Dear Baby,

How are you doing in there? You seem to be doing well — kicking lots & I even caught you hiccuping the other day! You must be growing well, cause I am growing well. Actually, I think I am growing a little too well — doctor says to slow it down a little bit. I can’t help it; you seem to have a ferocious appetite! I hope you eat this well after you come out :) I want you to be chubby, just like your papa used to be!

Only 15 weeks to go till I get to meet you face-to-face. I am so curious who you will look like. Your dad says I have the stronger genes, but I not-so-secretly want you to look exactly like him! And be exactly like him too. :) But I will still love you if you’re like me — stubborn, strong-willed, and rebellious. It just means we will have a lot to work on together, you & me.

To be quite honest, I was getting kind of sort of really anxious about motherhood the past few weeks. So many moms tell me how hard it is, and I appreciate their honesty, but I think it was just making me a little terrified of the future. I was worrying about all kinds of things like whether you will gain enough weight or be able to sleep well or if I will be able to differentiate your cries or know how to take care of you. But I suppose the Lord knew & almost instantaneously relieved me of those fears through some really perfectly timed situations. :)

I am hard at work getting your room ready for your arrival. Collecting clothes, buying furniture, putting up artwork. Yesterday I painted a mirror that I’m going to hang directly across the room from your crib. I think babies like to look at their reflections. You will not notice it at first, but it will be fun to wake up to your reflection when you get older. :) Let’s just hope it doesn’t make you narcissistic.

I’m sorry we still haven’t decided on a name for you yet. It’s down to two, but your dad & I are having a hard time agreeing. He started out liking one better, and I, the other. Then we swapped! He says we will eventually land on the same one — hopefully that day comes before you arrive. Otherwise we will just call you “baby”, which is okay by me too. :)

Okay baby, I have to go exercise now. Supposedly exercise will help make labor faster & easier. One can hope.

I love you for always,
your mama.

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