#25: Get Glasses!

February 22, 2011

Last June we made a list of 25 things we wanted to accomplish by the time our second anniversary rolled around. Some silly, some ambitious. I glanced over the list about a month ago & was bummed to see that we’d only checked off maybe 5 things. There are some we definitely will not be able to accomplish by June (like going camping & taking a woodworking class), but a few that I’m determined to check off before the baby comes.

One of our silly goals was to get glasses. Steven & I both looooove glasses, but unfortunately (or fortunately, I suppose), neither of us has poor vision. One of the first dates I remember going on was going to the mall & trying on tons of glasses at Lens Crafters. It was uber fun :) So we finally made an appointment with the Kosturas & got our very own glasses!

We love them! I feel so much geekier/cooler. I think Steven looks smarter/hipper bahaha.

I’ll try blogging about our goals as we check them off. Driving down PCH was actually on our list of 25, so I’ll post about that next (still haven’t edited photos)! Until next time…

love, me.

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