January 21, 2011

Happy birthday to the best mama in the world!

Thank you for…

…your endless uncomplaining service to our family. You are the person I try to emulate in my cooking & cleaning & serving — and I think I will be trying to catch up to you for the rest of my life.

…your quiet & gentle spirit. You taught me what it means to graciously submit to your husband & follow his leadership.

…your unique ways of showing affection. You are not one to hug & kiss & shower me with words of affection, but I see it so clearly in the way you care for me & show concern for all the details of my life.

…letting me learn from my mistakes, of which I had my fair share. You were never one to criticize excessively, and I so appreciated your patience with me.

…encouraging me in my interest in art. Though it might seem like all those years of art school went to waste, they didn’t! I am so thankful for those opportunities to learn what I did.

…treating me as a friend & confidante as I got older. I appreciate our relationship so much & I hope to have a daughter someday, so I can have the same kind of relationship with her.

…your humility in even listening to my advice, even though I am 25 years younger than you & you raised me from birth! I love that about you & want to be just like you in that regard.

…your example in reading the Word, praying, and ministering to people at church. You rarely told me to do those things, but you taught me by doing them yourself.

…your compassionate heart that grieved with me through my trials & grieves with others through theirs. You are an excellent listener & know how to show love & compassion in tangible ways.

I love you, Mama! <3

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