January 14, 2011

I just came across this video on a blog I read & had to re-post it here:

It totally gave me chills while I was watching. People like Scott Schumann (aka the Sartorialist) inspire me to keep trying new things & reaching outside of my comfort zone. If you watch the video, he says that he just started shooting on his own. He didn’t learn from a professional, or even take classes — he learned through trial & error & experience. I think the biggest thing is that he wasn’t afraid of failing.

I’m realizing more & more that education is not so black & white as I used to think. Growing up going to public school, I learned each subject & didn’t really question why I was learning what I was learning. I bombed in every science & history class, and excelled in all my art & language classes. Still, I went to college undeclared & only minored in fine arts, because I didn’t really believe that art could be useful to me in any practical way. Now that I’m a little older, I see that art is useful in every way — in decorating my home, in hosting events, in party planning, in making my own Christmas cards, in capturing memories through photography, in starting my own business, even in cooking, organizing, and getting dressed every day. I wish I had known earlier on how valuable it would be cultivate that skill instead of focusing so much on a “traditional” education.

Strange as it sounds, I’m thankful for the internet, because it opened my eyes to the world of creativity around me. Because of these “normal” people who were pursuing fun & creative lifestlyes, I started to feel that a fun & creative lifestyle was within my reach too. They helped me to overcome my initial fears of blogging & starting an etsy & learning new crafts. I’m still trying to push those boundaries. Sometimes I get tired & burnt out, but I’m thankful for endless opportunities & for a husband who encourages me in these things. On my own, I would be way too chicken to try anything new, but Steven is my biggest man-cheerleader :), and the blogosphere is a great source of encouragement & inspiration.

I feel so pumped up after watching that video! I want to sew a quilt, pick up my camera again, try a new recipe, and start decorating our non-existent nursery. Plus, the cinematography was beautiful, no?

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