A Review.

January 4, 2011

After receiving a couple nasty comments from an anonymous stranger, I decided to close comments on my blog indefinitely. I was considering giving up blogging completely, but this space holds a kind of special place in my heart, and I want to keep documenting all the ins & outs of life, especially as we welcome our little one this year. I began this blog for myself & those closest to me, as I moved away from San Diego & began my new life as Mrs. Hong. I didn’t know it would morph into such a serious and sometimes somber blog, but to be honest, that’s kind of how life was for me the past year. There were also lots of fun, light-hearted, silly times & I kind of regret not blogging about all of those, but here’s to being better this year. ;]

Ever since I got my iPhone, I’ve become terrible about using my DSLR. I am officially a lazy photographer. Hopefully another thing I will be better about this year haha. :] Here are some recent photos (a la iPhone) from the holidays & a little before:

from top left: teddy in baby beanie (thanks shindee!). gingerbread house from scratch. deep fried avocados. audra. me + steven at lax. isaac & sophie. three square cafe. wooden panels on abbot kinney. rainbow tape. steven at milk + honey. keep calm & carry on. holiday wreath wall. baby at nine weeks. delicious ddukgook by mama hong. giant scarf, gift from steven. teddy betty. cindy + crepes. happy retirement to papa kimn. cindy + ed + lots of desserts. us. yellow office.

2010 was a roller coaster of ups & downs, and looking back, I spent so much time looking to the future & not enjoying the present. Even now, I find myself falling into the same mentality — there are endless things to worry about! I didn’t make any new years resolutions, but one thing I want to continually remind myself of is just to delight in today.

Today I’m thankful for a cozy home & my trusty space heater. My husband who will be home any minute–hooray! The little bubbles of movement I feel in my belly that I am now sure is the baby kicking. :] Fun design projects to work on for friends & strangers both. Netflix. Feeling healthy & energetic again & being able to have friends over again–finally!

Happy new year–excited to share it with all of you! :]

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