Halfway There.

January 27, 2011

Just passed my 20 week mark earlier this week, and I can’t believe I’m halfway there. Less than five months to go!

I am loving this stage of pregnancy. I started feeling the baby a lot more distinctly on January 1st of this year, and I think that has helped a lot to relieve any anxiety I had & to even help me start planning more. I guess for the first 16 weeks or so, I just didn’t want to think too far ahead, in case something did go wrong. We did not talk about names, the nursery, baby registries, or anything like that.

Now we have three names in mind–all of them very unique & different. I am constantly wanting to decide on one, whereas Steven is wanting to let it simmer. Very typical of us.

We got our 19 week ultrasound last week & found out that it’s a boy! I am super happy & not too surprised, because I had a feeling it was a boy. I love baby boys & think they are so much fun in the early stages! I have been collecting some outfits here & there, and on Tuesday, I hit the jackpot at my local Goodwill. I even found an adorable Zara zip-up hoodie for $1.99  (I think it’s meant for a girl, but don’t worry, I will make it work)!

The ultrasound itself was amazing. I find myself tearing up every time I see him. It’s crazy how advanced technology is these days that we could see his brain, his organs, his little bones, and all of his little fingers & toes! We even saw him putting his hand up to his mouth, back & forth, back & forth. So precious. I cannot wait to meet him & see him do all these things in real life!

A lot of times I will feel baby kicking & put Steven’s hand on my belly, only to have it stop. Steven says he is shy like his mom. Could very well be true :) After numerous times of me trying to get Steven to feel him move, he finally caught him in action last week around my 19 week mark. It was so precious seeing his reaction & having him talk at my belly with such affection. He’s going to be such a great dad, I know it :)

With my renewed level of energy, I am feeling ultra ambitious these days. Wanting to do all sorts of projects, plan parties, decorate rooms, learn new crafts, go on trips, hang out with people, etc. Next on our list? A road trip up north & back. Sew a baby quilt. And start working on the nursery! If anyone wants to hang out, do crafts, or needs help planning a party, you know who to ask! :)



January 21, 2011

Happy birthday to the best mama in the world!

Thank you for…

…your endless uncomplaining service to our family. You are the person I try to emulate in my cooking & cleaning & serving — and I think I will be trying to catch up to you for the rest of my life.

…your quiet & gentle spirit. You taught me what it means to graciously submit to your husband & follow his leadership.

…your unique ways of showing affection. You are not one to hug & kiss & shower me with words of affection, but I see it so clearly in the way you care for me & show concern for all the details of my life.

…letting me learn from my mistakes, of which I had my fair share. You were never one to criticize excessively, and I so appreciated your patience with me.

…encouraging me in my interest in art. Though it might seem like all those years of art school went to waste, they didn’t! I am so thankful for those opportunities to learn what I did.

…treating me as a friend & confidante as I got older. I appreciate our relationship so much & I hope to have a daughter someday, so I can have the same kind of relationship with her.

…your humility in even listening to my advice, even though I am 25 years younger than you & you raised me from birth! I love that about you & want to be just like you in that regard.

…your example in reading the Word, praying, and ministering to people at church. You rarely told me to do those things, but you taught me by doing them yourself.

…your compassionate heart that grieved with me through my trials & grieves with others through theirs. You are an excellent listener & know how to show love & compassion in tangible ways.

I love you, Mama! <3


January 14, 2011

I just came across this video on a blog I read & had to re-post it here:

It totally gave me chills while I was watching. People like Scott Schumann (aka the Sartorialist) inspire me to keep trying new things & reaching outside of my comfort zone. If you watch the video, he says that he just started shooting on his own. He didn’t learn from a professional, or even take classes — he learned through trial & error & experience. I think the biggest thing is that he wasn’t afraid of failing.

I’m realizing more & more that education is not so black & white as I used to think. Growing up going to public school, I learned each subject & didn’t really question why I was learning what I was learning. I bombed in every science & history class, and excelled in all my art & language classes. Still, I went to college undeclared & only minored in fine arts, because I didn’t really believe that art could be useful to me in any practical way. Now that I’m a little older, I see that art is useful in every way — in decorating my home, in hosting events, in party planning, in making my own Christmas cards, in capturing memories through photography, in starting my own business, even in cooking, organizing, and getting dressed every day. I wish I had known earlier on how valuable it would be cultivate that skill instead of focusing so much on a “traditional” education.

Strange as it sounds, I’m thankful for the internet, because it opened my eyes to the world of creativity around me. Because of these “normal” people who were pursuing fun & creative lifestlyes, I started to feel that a fun & creative lifestyle was within my reach too. They helped me to overcome my initial fears of blogging & starting an etsy & learning new crafts. I’m still trying to push those boundaries. Sometimes I get tired & burnt out, but I’m thankful for endless opportunities & for a husband who encourages me in these things. On my own, I would be way too chicken to try anything new, but Steven is my biggest man-cheerleader :), and the blogosphere is a great source of encouragement & inspiration.

I feel so pumped up after watching that video! I want to sew a quilt, pick up my camera again, try a new recipe, and start decorating our non-existent nursery. Plus, the cinematography was beautiful, no?

A Review.

January 4, 2011

After receiving a couple nasty comments from an anonymous stranger, I decided to close comments on my blog indefinitely. I was considering giving up blogging completely, but this space holds a kind of special place in my heart, and I want to keep documenting all the ins & outs of life, especially as we welcome our little one this year. I began this blog for myself & those closest to me, as I moved away from San Diego & began my new life as Mrs. Hong. I didn’t know it would morph into such a serious and sometimes somber blog, but to be honest, that’s kind of how life was for me the past year. There were also lots of fun, light-hearted, silly times & I kind of regret not blogging about all of those, but here’s to being better this year. ;]

Ever since I got my iPhone, I’ve become terrible about using my DSLR. I am officially a lazy photographer. Hopefully another thing I will be better about this year haha. :] Here are some recent photos (a la iPhone) from the holidays & a little before:

from top left: teddy in baby beanie (thanks shindee!). gingerbread house from scratch. deep fried avocados. audra. me + steven at lax. isaac & sophie. three square cafe. wooden panels on abbot kinney. rainbow tape. steven at milk + honey. keep calm & carry on. holiday wreath wall. baby at nine weeks. delicious ddukgook by mama hong. giant scarf, gift from steven. teddy betty. cindy + crepes. happy retirement to papa kimn. cindy + ed + lots of desserts. us. yellow office.

2010 was a roller coaster of ups & downs, and looking back, I spent so much time looking to the future & not enjoying the present. Even now, I find myself falling into the same mentality — there are endless things to worry about! I didn’t make any new years resolutions, but one thing I want to continually remind myself of is just to delight in today.

Today I’m thankful for a cozy home & my trusty space heater. My husband who will be home any minute–hooray! The little bubbles of movement I feel in my belly that I am now sure is the baby kicking. :] Fun design projects to work on for friends & strangers both. Netflix. Feeling healthy & energetic again & being able to have friends over again–finally!

Happy new year–excited to share it with all of you! :]