December 14, 2010

“For he wounds, but he binds up;
he shatters, but his hands heal.” [Job 5:18]

It’s so surreal to me that I’m actually writing this post — almost to the point where I don’t want to write it because I’m not sure I actually believe it. But after a very anxiety-ridden two months, we are so humbled & thankful to announce that we are expecting again. Our baby is now 14 weeks along — the size of a little lemon! Every week that’s gone by with the baby being okay has been a miracle for us, and I can’t believe we’re actually in the second trimester now. We feel grateful beyond words…

A huge thank you to all our family & friends who prayed daily for us throughout the past few months, and throughout the past year and a half. You don’t know how much it’s meant to us. Thank you for all the encouraging emails, talks, letters, phone calls — at times, they were exactly what I needed.

And most of all, we’re so thankful to God for His compassion & love. Not only did He answer our prayers in such a sweet & timely way, but He’s blessed us from the beginning by drawing us to Himself & making His gospel that much sweeter to us through our trials. Receiving this gift of a baby His way, and not our way, is better than anything we could have asked for.

We’re still taking things day-by-day, but at the same time, really looking forward to next June, when we get to meet our little one face-to-face. :]