June 25, 2010

I spend a good amount of time on the web (if you couldn’t tell). Most blogs and blog posts don’t really stand out to me, but there are a handful of posts that are really memorable. Just wanted to share a few of my favorites with you, in case you want a good cry, a good laugh, or just plain inspiration.

1. Nella Cordelia: A Birth Story. Brace yourselves. This one’s long. And emotional. You will most likely cry — I bawled. But it’s a touching story & all the better because of her raw honesty.

2. My Lasik Horror Story. This is Amy Scott’s blog — one of my favorite bloggers of all time. A solid Christian wife & mom of six kids, who lives on a farm. I believe she was the one who taught me that Christian women can be both godly & (sometimes inappropriately) funny at the same time. I love her. She cracks me up.

3. Moses’ Closet Part II. Jordan Ferney’s blog, a super talented & creative designer. She lives in a one-bedroom in San Francisco, and her son lives in a closet. (The way she decorated it, I would want my kids to live in a closet too.)

4. A Christmas Evie Miracle. Another birth story by a well-known interior decorator. Her story is hilarious & just plain cuh-razy.

5. Black Heels to Tractor Wheels. I posted about this a long time ago, but it’s still a goodie. The story of how Pioneer Woman met, fell in love with, & married Marlboro Man. A true Sweet Valley High-esque love story that will grip you till the very end.

Have fun & let me know how you like them! And if you have any goodies of your own, send em over to me. :]


One Response to “Memorable.”

  1. michael chung Says:

    danggg good stuff! The best is seeing how these writers influence your style. Some parts of their blog posts sound just like something you would’ve written.

    1. definitely a tear jerker – when she talked about her other daughter “proud” when first meeting the daughter. gah

    2. “If you see me at church and want to pull the thread hanging from my dress….DON’T DO IT. It might be the string from my eyeball.” LOL omg. i was cracking up so hard. it’s tough to understand her humor reading just one post but this was funny and sad altogether

    4. 8:40 — moves inside. 8:54 — has baby! wow 14 minutes.

    5. toooo long, will read though!

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