A Little Secret.

April 29, 2010

So. If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been a little absent lately. And a bit sparse on the posting. But it’s not without good reason. For the past month & a half, I’ve been holding on to a little secret & have only shared with Steven and a handful of my closest friends. But Steven & I talked about it, and we think it’s about time to share with you all…

I have a new blog.

Not a new blog, as in, I’m leaving this blog behind. Or I’m replacing this one. But a new blog, as in, I’m trying to start something new. Thanks for always supporting me & encouraging me in all my little hobbies & interests — you guys are the best.


P.S. This doesn’t mean I’m abandoning this blog. I’m actually going to try to update more frequently… just wanted to fill you in on my life as of late. :]


5 Responses to “A Little Secret.”

  1. jane Says:

    love the new blog! ever since you showed us on sunday i’ve been following your posts and they are so fun. btw, you update really early in the morning! :)

  2. susiepyo Says:

    Love it Cathie! I stayed up way too late last night catching up on your posts. :) Can’t wait to read more!

  3. amanda Says:

    love the new blog! its so pretty! and sheesh you sure are talented!

  4. jennifer lee Says:

    cathie, i love it.

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