March 24, 2010

My second official project for my graphics class. We had to do a self-portrait of some sort, while incorporating words. My dad’s response upon seeing this:

Interesting. What is it supposed to be. The figure looks like you except the lip. ^_^

Please be nice.

P.S. This hymn was near & dear to my heart in college… I came across it in J.I. Packer’s Knowing God, and everything about it was perfect. Kind of forgot about it until James mentioned it in a sermon a couple months ago. Made my heart smile.


8 Responses to “Self-Portrait.”

  1. jane Says:

    thanks for sharing that, cathie. that hymn was really encouraging for me to read this week!

  2. Sue Says:

    i had never read that before…really encouraged me. how did you do that self-portrait? it’s so cool!

  3. gracechoi Says:


  4. susiepyo Says:

    Love the self-portrait!

  5. cindytsau Says:

    the hymn of course is awesome.

    your self portrait, pretty awesome too. fortunately for you–you have pale skin so u don’t need to fill it in, and it will look like you. u should see my self-portrait.
    i will e-mail it to u if i have a copy of it on me.

  6. Jules Says:

    that’s sweet! Thanks for posting that hymn!

  7. Wuryah Says:

    So cool! :)

  8. Minna Says:

    I see the lip! :)

    Seriously, this is so good. Awesome job!

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