Date: Del Mar.

March 18, 2010

So Steven and I have always had this theory that when a person comments on his significant others’ blog, other people are less inclined to comment. Which is why we hardly ever comment on each other’s blogs haha. My last post was a case in point. In case you were wondering, though, that isn’t why I haven’t been posting. Life has been crazy busy, and weddings and showers are taking over my life. I’ve been helping people with little things here and there, and I never say no, cause I love the opportunity to practice all art forms. It helps me grow. I’ll post those projects up little by little…

On Saturday I had the privilege of shooting Tim & Juliana’s wedding (my very, very first wedding!) with Hannah Michelle. A lot of thoughts on that, but I’ll write about it when I post the pictures. And I’ll post the pictures after I learn how to real edit in Adobe Lightroom (Dale, help please!). On the way home from the wedding, I got into a crazy car accident, where my car spun out on the 605 freeway. It was kind of sort of really scary. I called Steven as soon as I could get to my phone (my hands were shaking like crazy), and as soon as it started ringing, I started bawling and could not stop. Steven says it was the scariest call he’s ever received; he said he felt like his heart literally sank. There were so many things that could have happened (I could have hit other cars when spinning out, I could have crashed into the wall… I could have died), but I came out injury-free. Just shaken up, and sad that my car looked so sad. So all in all, you could say we’re pretty thankful.

I have been car-less for a week now. On Tuesday Steven drove me down to San Diego for work, and we ended up just staying in town for our date night until after traffic died down a bit. I requested our date to be in Del Mar, cause I absolutely love the view of the ocean and shore from the top of the hill. It kind of takes my breath away, it’s so beautiful. Photos don’t do it justice, but they’re all I have to show:


13 Responses to “Date: Del Mar.”

  1. tia Says:

    my heart flipped when i read your car spun out. oh cathie, i’m so glad you’re okay…..

    and i’m so excited you’re getting opps to practice art! “God made me to run, and when i run i feel His pleasure.” He certainly gifted you :] feel His pleasure, cathie <3

  2. susiepyo Says:

    Wow, so glad to hear that you’re okay. What a blessing that you can use your gifts to serve so many people!

  3. edyip Says:

    I heard about the accident! I’m glad you’re ok.

    Did you just use your 50mm for the wedding?

  4. jane Says:

    SO glad you’re okay!!!! car accidents are scary. praise God for sustaining you. :)also, what beautiful pictures!

  5. gracechoi Says:

    Cathie! i’m so glad you’re safe! that freaked me out especially since i know the 605. i like your photos =) keep it up!

  6. Sue Says:

    wow…so thankful you are okay, cathie!! those pics are beautiful and can’t wait to see the wedding photos too!

  7. […] grab my keys, and run out to my car as she’s struggling to explain what happened. Her car had spun out on the freeway while she was driving […]

  8. david ahn Says:

    wow cathie! that is crazy, but praise God you’re ok!

  9. Karleen Says:

    oh my! so happy that you came out of this injury-free!!! i got into an accident few months ago (and i’ve never gotten into an accident in my almost 2 decades of driving) – i was so shaken up too, and scared to drive for a while. but i felt extremely lucky that no one was hurt.

    gorgeous series of images here. can’t wait to see your wedding photos! my 1st wedding was so exciting, but a huge learning experience =)

  10. nathan kwak Says:

    wow, cathie… i totally understand your experience. Kind of puts perspective on all the different things in life. forces you to sit back and evaluate. glad to hear you’re doing alright… and I hope God has taught you many lessons, big and small, through it.

  11. mike chung Says:

    since this is the first time i’m commenting i’ll just leave the traditional “i love reading ur blog” quote. but seriously, ur blog shoulda been titled “snapshots of life & love” cus it really gives a glimpse into the life of the two of you. hopefully you’ll continue posting!

  12. pamabear Says:

    ahhh im glad you are okay :)

    you were always talented with art… :) remember the art hakwon hahha the ah juh shi.. oh dear.. art was not my thing… thats for sure.

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