Weekend Snippets.

March 8, 2010

I have been talking about learning how to drive stick shift for over two years. In January 2008 Steven broke his leg while playing softball. I vowed to learn how to drive his car, in case something like that ever happened again. Put it off & put it off & put it off… and this weekend, I learned. Haha, if you can call it learning. We drove around an empty high school parking lot for a good thirty minutes. And I only stalled once! (I almost stalled like 20 times though…) Will have to keep practicing.

On Friday, had brunch with Charissa at 212 Bistro in Long Beach. Artichoke Scramble for me. Stuffed French Toast for Char.

Then walked around to all the little boutiques down the street. Most of them weren’t open yet, but we found a cute kids store called Lil Devils. I actually really loved the interior decor and the color of the walls — so much, that I asked the owner what paint color he used haha. Will keep that tucked away in the back of my mind until I need it :]

Saturday, we had our usual lazy breakfast at home. Weekdays are typically toast, bagels, or cereal. Weekends I try to put in a little more effort with a breakfast sandwich or pancakes of some sort. This weekend I made Maria’s specialty: Egg McMuffin, with his favorite, spam. (Aside: Weird that McMuffin has become a normal & recognizable term.)

I also got a chance to design my first real thing on Illustrator this weekend. I started taking an Intro to Graphics class at a community college about a month ago — just to learn. We’ve been  s l o w l y learning the basics & just learned the pen tool. So I put it to the test & came up with some “recipe for love” cards for all the guests of Maria’s bridal shower (which is only three weeks away, eep!).

Also went to Steph Lim’s bridal shower in San Diego on Saturday. Was the most touching & sweet shower I’ve been to, possibly ever. It’s kind of a unique situation with all of her mom’s side of the family being the founding members of Lighthouse. To hear Jinny, Grace, Ange, & Carol share about how they watched her grow up and mature so beautifully, was such a blessing to me, cause Steph is so dear to my heart. I had to stand in the very back of the room cause tears were streaming down my face with no abandon. I have no pictures cause I was too distracted catching up with people & just enjoying the privilege of celebrating with Steph. Love you so much, Stephy! <3

Finally, bid Steven a temporary farewell on Sunday. He left for a business trip in San Jose… I would have loved to go with him to see my adorable Teddy and my parents, but I missed too much work with my recovery. So I’m counting down the days and hours till he returns. Miss you, bub.


9 Responses to “Weekend Snippets.”

  1. stevenhong Says:

    Miss you honey!

    Can you leave me “unattended” at that shop?

  2. susiepyo Says:

    Awesome pictures once again! The breakfast foods look soooo yummy!

  3. xmlx Says:

    great pictures!
    hey, where did you buy those japanese tapes?? i’ve been looking for them everywhere!!!

  4. Sue Says:

    so adorable, cathie! that sign in the store is super cute too. can you post more pics of tim and juliana?

  5. becky Says:

    love the pictures! especially the one about unattended children.

  6. xmlx Says:

    i bought the tape! they’re so expensive but totally worth it! i think my page is working now??

  7. iloveivan Says:

    Dear Cathie,
    Your pictures are fantastic. Your illustrator skills look like they’re coming along. You should consider filling in the flags with white color instead of empty color so that the outlines don’t criss cross when they overlap. Illustrator is a wonderful wonderful tool once you get used to it. Definitely not like photoshop at all.

    Your calligraphy is wildly enjoyable as well. Keep it up! Btw, please teach my hunnybuns how to make pictures so cool and organized. Hers turn out a bit smaller and… less organized, but beautiful nonetheless.

    Please forgive those who haven’t commented and remember the grace you’ve been given through Jesus Christ our Lord.

  8. iloveivan Says:

    Oh shoot, I logged in as my brother again.

  9. iloveivan Says:


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