Recipe: Baked French Toast.

March 5, 2010

I first tried this Baked French Toast at Amanda’s. Steven loves all things sweet, apples & caramel-y, so I asked for the recipe immediately. Never did get around to making it for him, but I tried making it for the first time for a shower this weekend. It was super easy (the only down side is you have to prep it the night before & let it sit in the fridge overnight). I will definitely make it again. Actually, Steven demands I make it again haha. He always gets sad cause I bake all these things for church & end up giving it all away before he gets any. Late new year’s resolution: be better about that.

I shortened the white sugar & margarine, & didn’t quite use 1 lb. of French bread. I also drizzled my sauce on top instead of having it on the side, for ease of transportation. The end. Happy Friday!


4 Responses to “Recipe: Baked French Toast.”

  1. lufamilylove Says:

    yay you made it! that was the first time we hung out! : ) let me know when you are free again to hang! ooh and noella is wearing the bunny outfit you got her, this is her first time in pants!

  2. Wury Kim Says:

    Yum! Bring some to work! Too bad you’re not part of breakfast club fridays here at work! :)

  3. Sue Says:

    that sure was yummy at the shower! thanks for making it!

  4. Anna Says:

    I think I seriously visit your blog at least every other day. Hahaha…I’m not a stalker or anything. I just love reading your blog. Keep it up Cathie!!

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