Meet the Chins.

March 28, 2010

Last weekend Steven & I went up to LA to visit Mark & Julie for the first time. It was so fun exploring their yellow Spanish-style home — they have the coolest antique furniture & prints on their walls! I also loved the warm light spilling in through all their windows.

Jules welcomed us with yummy fresh fruit, homemade guac, cookies & coconut macaroons. They also had vases with fresh-cut calla lilies from their backyard all over their house. So lucky!

They prepared for us a fancy stir-fry dish on a bed of spinach. Uber healthy but lots of protein — we loved it.

After dinner we went on a brisk walk around the neighborhood, a daily routine for them. Steven & I walked behind them, tripping over cracks & panting from trying to talk & walk at the same time. I felt like we were kids tagging along with our parents hahah. Came home & enjoyed french-pressed mochas, ice cream, & macaroons. :]

It was so sweet seeing them in their element & bustling about the house together. Only three months, but they look like they’ve been doing it for years. Thanks guys for making your home such an inviting place for us & showering us with lots of love (and food)! Miss you & hopefully see you soon!



March 24, 2010

My second official project for my graphics class. We had to do a self-portrait of some sort, while incorporating words. My dad’s response upon seeing this:

Interesting. What is it supposed to be. The figure looks like you except the lip. ^_^

Please be nice.

P.S. This hymn was near & dear to my heart in college… I came across it in J.I. Packer’s Knowing God, and everything about it was perfect. Kind of forgot about it until James mentioned it in a sermon a couple months ago. Made my heart smile.

Date: Del Mar.

March 18, 2010

So Steven and I have always had this theory that when a person comments on his significant others’ blog, other people are less inclined to comment. Which is why we hardly ever comment on each other’s blogs haha. My last post was a case in point. In case you were wondering, though, that isn’t why I haven’t been posting. Life has been crazy busy, and weddings and showers are taking over my life. I’ve been helping people with little things here and there, and I never say no, cause I love the opportunity to practice all art forms. It helps me grow. I’ll post those projects up little by little…

On Saturday I had the privilege of shooting Tim & Juliana’s wedding (my very, very first wedding!) with Hannah Michelle. A lot of thoughts on that, but I’ll write about it when I post the pictures. And I’ll post the pictures after I learn how to real edit in Adobe Lightroom (Dale, help please!). On the way home from the wedding, I got into a crazy car accident, where my car spun out on the 605 freeway. It was kind of sort of really scary. I called Steven as soon as I could get to my phone (my hands were shaking like crazy), and as soon as it started ringing, I started bawling and could not stop. Steven says it was the scariest call he’s ever received; he said he felt like his heart literally sank. There were so many things that could have happened (I could have hit other cars when spinning out, I could have crashed into the wall… I could have died), but I came out injury-free. Just shaken up, and sad that my car looked so sad. So all in all, you could say we’re pretty thankful.

I have been car-less for a week now. On Tuesday Steven drove me down to San Diego for work, and we ended up just staying in town for our date night until after traffic died down a bit. I requested our date to be in Del Mar, cause I absolutely love the view of the ocean and shore from the top of the hill. It kind of takes my breath away, it’s so beautiful. Photos don’t do it justice, but they’re all I have to show:

Weekend Snippets.

March 8, 2010

I have been talking about learning how to drive stick shift for over two years. In January 2008 Steven broke his leg while playing softball. I vowed to learn how to drive his car, in case something like that ever happened again. Put it off & put it off & put it off… and this weekend, I learned. Haha, if you can call it learning. We drove around an empty high school parking lot for a good thirty minutes. And I only stalled once! (I almost stalled like 20 times though…) Will have to keep practicing.

On Friday, had brunch with Charissa at 212 Bistro in Long Beach. Artichoke Scramble for me. Stuffed French Toast for Char.

Then walked around to all the little boutiques down the street. Most of them weren’t open yet, but we found a cute kids store called Lil Devils. I actually really loved the interior decor and the color of the walls — so much, that I asked the owner what paint color he used haha. Will keep that tucked away in the back of my mind until I need it :]

Saturday, we had our usual lazy breakfast at home. Weekdays are typically toast, bagels, or cereal. Weekends I try to put in a little more effort with a breakfast sandwich or pancakes of some sort. This weekend I made Maria’s specialty: Egg McMuffin, with his favorite, spam. (Aside: Weird that McMuffin has become a normal & recognizable term.)

I also got a chance to design my first real thing on Illustrator this weekend. I started taking an Intro to Graphics class at a community college about a month ago — just to learn. We’ve beenĀ  s l o w l y learning the basics & just learned the pen tool. So I put it to the test & came up with some “recipe for love” cards for all the guests of Maria’s bridal shower (which is only three weeks away, eep!).

Also went to Steph Lim’s bridal shower in San Diego on Saturday. Was the most touching & sweet shower I’ve been to, possibly ever. It’s kind of a unique situation with all of her mom’s side of the family being the founding members of Lighthouse. To hear Jinny, Grace, Ange, & Carol share about how they watched her grow up and mature so beautifully, was such a blessing to me, cause Steph is so dear to my heart. I had to stand in the very back of the room cause tears were streaming down my face with no abandon. I have no pictures cause I was too distracted catching up with people & just enjoying the privilege of celebrating with Steph. Love you so much, Stephy! <3

Finally, bid Steven a temporary farewell on Sunday. He left for a business trip in San Jose… I would have loved to go with him to see my adorable Teddy and my parents, but I missed too much work with my recovery. So I’m counting down the days and hours till he returns. Miss you, bub.

I first tried this Baked French Toast at Amanda’s. Steven loves all things sweet, apples & caramel-y, so I asked for the recipe immediately. Never did get around to making it for him, but I tried making it for the first time for a shower this weekend. It was super easy (the only down side is you have to prep it the night before & let it sit in the fridge overnight). I will definitely make it again. Actually, Steven demands I make it again haha. He always gets sad cause I bake all these things for church & end up giving it all away before he gets any. Late new year’s resolution: be better about that.

I shortened the white sugar & margarine, & didn’t quite use 1 lb. of French bread. I also drizzled my sauce on top instead of having it on the side, for ease of transportation. The end. Happy Friday!

The past couple weeks have been gloomy — both the actual weather, and internally in my heart. Feels like a thick blanket of fog that will not lift. Thankful for my husband who loves me for better or for worse, cares tenderly for me, and seeks to understand me.

For the past couple months, I’ve slowly been making my way through Polishing God’s Monuments by Jim Andrews. Sharon sent me her old copy as a thoughtful gift when I was up in San Jose last time (very lovely packaging that made me smile):

Last night I read a chapter about Jeremiah and his own battle through depression & hardship. I’ve always liked the name Jeremiah, but I love it more after reading about his faithfulness & steadfastness through affliction. He felt abandoned, hopeless, lonely, and defeated (Lamentations 3: 1-20), feelings that are not foreign to me either. But in verse 21, he wrote:

“But this I call to mind, and therefore I have hope. The steadfast love of the LORD never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.”

It’s a difficult practice to “call to mind”, to recall, to remember, when all my feelings urge me to do just the opposite. My heart is naturally inclined toward self-pity and sorrow, hopelessness and despair, but dwelling on those thoughts only drive me deeper downward. Jeremiah, in the midst of persecution and affliction, went against his natural inclinations & called to mind the steadfast love of the Lord. And in that truth, he found hope to restore his soul.

That truth was what I needed to be reminded of. He will never leave me to face my sufferings alone, He will always pull me out of the pit, and He will always love me. There is no sign of the fog lifting anytime soon, but for the moment, I’m finding hope and comfort in the testimony of Jeremiah.

Weekend Snippets.

March 2, 2010

The weekend flew by in a blur. On Saturday, I woke up at 5:45am to the sound of pouring rain & I couldn’t go back to sleep. So we got up at six & decided to go to the gym. MOW was so helpful, but it didn’t help our waistlines one bit haha. The rest of the weekend was filled with baking, photography, shopping, and resting. Some snippets:

Baked french toast, pre-baking.

Baby shower for Joan.

First ever engagement photo shoot for Tim & Juliana (more on that in the near future).

Lots & lots of laundry.

We both worked another Hurley warehouse sale & decided to make space for all our new clothes by getting rid of our old. Yesterday we took three huge trash bags full of clothes to Buffalo Exchange in hopes of making money or getting store credit. They accepted about 1/6 of it (they’re not accepting winter clothes anymore). It’s funny what kinds of things they look for… they turned down all of my previous season’s Anthropologie clothes and accepted Peter Park’s bachelor party t-shirt haha. But we came away with about $130 worth of store credit, so no complaints here.

I’m pooped from the packed weekend & sore from the photo shoot (lots of kneeling, stretching & crouching), but pretty excited for all the new things I’m learning. Till next time…