Date: The Camp.

February 25, 2010

When we were engaged, PJohn encouraged us to set up a regular date night, even during the early weeks & months of marriage when every night feels like date night, just cause you get to be together. So we did. Aside from a few crazy busy weeks, we’ve gone on dates every Thursday night (now Tuesday night) since we got married. They vary in degree–a very occasional fancy night out to a musical, but more often than not, dinner at a new place (or an old favorite) & a movie at home. I know this isn’t a common practice, so I’m thankful.

Last week I was feeling kind of blue, so he bumped up our Tuesday date night to a Saturday brunch at the Camp in Costa Mesa.

Old Vine Cafe. Sausage, Eggs, & English Muffin with Macademia Nut Butter for Steven. Pumpkin French Toast for me.

Next stop: SEED: People’s Market. Beautiful & creative handmade goods! And they were setting up for a craft fair on the second floor. Wish we had had more time to look around…

Last stop: milk+honey. Quaint little tea shop with an outdoor sitting area. Got the lavendar tea latte with rice milk & it is now officially my fave.


9 Responses to “Date: The Camp.”

  1. mimi Says:

    these are lovely pictures, cathie =)
    btw, i <3 milk & honey. makes me miss orange county area.

  2. susiepyo Says:

    You and Steven are too cute. Love the pictures Cathie! My favorite is the one of you on the couch.

  3. tia Says:

    the hongs make me :]]]

  4. andyshin Says:

    great pics!
    you guys find such cool places to hang out

  5. cindytsau Says:

    YOU ARE SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
    steven is too by association. :P

  6. Sue Says:

    i love the couch too, and the mini bike, and the books. so cute!

  7. anniesmiles Says:

    these pictures are great, hello kitty! i think my favorite is the colorful stack of books. i want to check out milk+honey one day. too bad it’s a wee bit far for me. hope you’re well, lady! -happy bunny.

  8. sharon Says:

    did you like old vine cafe?? yummy huh?!

  9. Karleen Says:

    so gorgeous!! i LOVE your work!

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