Homemaking, Etc.

February 24, 2010

MOW (Meals on Wheels) is finally coming to an end this week. That was four whole weeks of delivered dinners from loving care group & church members… I was amazed & so blessed by their willingness to serve our family in this way. I realized somewhere along the way that Cornerstone has become my church now. No longer just Steven’s church, but mine as well. They have stood by us & walked with us through the most difficult season of our lives–they are our church family.

Thank you cards I made for them last week:

It’s tough being out of commission.

There’s kind of a rhythm you develop with homemaking–cooking, cleaning, errands, laundry, etc. When we first got married, I felt pretty good about myself. I was on a cooking streak & hardly any cleaning was required (everything was new!). I tried new recipes everyday, stocked my fridge & pantry full of groceries that I was determined to use up strategically & creatively. I wanted to master Korean cooking, healthy cooking, light cooking. My dream was to always have fresh homemade bread in the house. That, and some kind of baked goodies sitting invitingly on a cake platter. Haha, all the married women are laughing. I know. Still, I felt I was making pretty good headway into becoming a one-woman dream team homemaking machine.

Then pregnancy came & had me hating all kinds of food & being too exhausted to do dishes, let alone, cook. Shortly after, a miscarriage that put me out of commission for another good month. I slowly started getting back into the groove of things, trying to undo the chaos that had become our kitchen. While still struggling to stay afloat, I was again resigned to the bed with another pregnancy. And when there was hope of coming out of the first trimester, another miscarriage. It’s an awful feeling to have been married for almost a year & feel like I am still at square one, or maybe negative square one, if there is such a thing.

Loved ones remind me that it’s a season of life–it will pass. And the Lord teaches me that my identity and worth is not ultimately in being this picture-perfect homemaker. It’s my dream, and not a bad one at that, but it’s not everything. A good wife is not necessarily one who wakes up at 5am, keeps the house spotless, and cooks a different gourmet meal every night (though Korean ajummas might say otherwise…). A good wife is joyful, supportive, encouraging, and delights herself in the Lord. And in times like these, that can only come from finding my identity in Christ.


11 Responses to “Homemaking, Etc.”

  1. courtneychow Says:

    I love your cards. OH and your post. :) Did you do the calligraphy?

  2. grace wu Says:

    I like your penmanship!
    Thanks for the reminder about our identities being in Christ, Cat-hie :)

  3. jane Says:

    the card was so cute :) i totally did LOL at the cake platter part…hehe

    so true that our identities rest in Christ alone and what a relief that is! thankful for you cathie!

  4. tia Says:

    a hug and another hug <3

    and in response to your last post, wear it :] i'd be surprised to hear of something cute or vintagey that you can't pull off wearing <3

  5. Sue Says:

    Cathie, thanks for sharing your thoughts on what a good wife truly is. That really encouraged me. :-)

  6. lufamilylove Says:

    loved the card and thanks for the encouragement! sooo true about having the certain idea of what a wife should be but God desires us to just be faithful and really pursue Him and that is most encouraging for our husbands when we are delighting in the Lord, more than any meal we could cook! :) miss you, hope to see you soon!! :D

  7. steph Says:

    haha, nice calligraphy, and i love the paper airplanes!

  8. rosie Says:

    HI! cute cards and nice post. you should come by more often – as you could probably see, for sure our identity is not in a spotless house or picture-perfect homemaking!

  9. jennifer lee Says:

    Love you, Cathie~!
    There have been many days where I have thought to myself, “cleanliness is soooo secondary in the definition of an excellent wife/homemaker.” When you are living with someone who makes you feel like you’re walking on eggshells because you made a mess… you come to understand how precious a loving, caring, uplifting person can be. Every word matters… whether if cuts down, “it’s my fault for trusting you” or builds up… sigh. It’s made me revise my image/daydream of the kind of wife I would like to be one day.
    (Not that all that lovely good food and excellent homemaking should be neglected of course! What would we do with all our creative juices?? (Ew. Kind of don’t like that phrase “creative JUICES” blech. Makes me think of body juices… TMI? Heh.)

  10. Karleen Says:

    so sorry to hear about your miscarriages… i know how you feel. actually, we’re married for almost 10 years and have not been able to get pregnant, while everyone around us seems to be having babies left and right… it feels like a huge failure and loss. i really hope your next pregnancy will be successful.

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