The Past Few Months.

February 16, 2010

I’ve decided that I’m too far behind to catch up on all my picture posts since December. So instead: a quickie snapshot summary. I might expand with extra photos of particularly meaningful events… like our sibs’ weddings. But I make no promises.

Little Mason. Did I mention he was born? Well, he was. Isn’t he a cute one?

Christmas cards for our fellow churchies. Got to practice my calligraphy–twas fun!

JWDA Christmas Party. Free cocktails at the boutique hotel we designed in downtown SD!

Angie & Reub stealing Caden to add to their festive family. :]

Little do they know he’s already quite the worshiper…

Mason & the guys.

Cookie exchange chez Amanda. Thanks for hosting, mama!

Enlisted Beck as my crafting slave while she stayed with us tahaa

Photo date with Susie, Caden & chingoos.

Family photos at Mark & Julie’s wedding rehearsal.

Precious moment from their ceremony! Haha, love it. <3

My brother & Sooji got married at King Plow in Georgia. One of my fave wedding venues I’ve seen. :]

Went up to SJ for Mom’s 50th. They say my parents look like sibs–I don’t see it.

Love this photo of my mum. It’s rare to catch such a happy candid.

Did I also mention that Teddy is great at tricks? This is him begging. So cute.

Squeezing in a photo date with Amanda before Noella came!

Tim holding shoes for his shoeless bride.

Reunited again, brief as it may have been. <3

V-Day (or rather, P-Day) in Historic Orange.

Phew. Done. Huge weight off my chest.

Life is slowly returning back to normal… started work again today after a month of being on leave. Was dreading waking up early (I’ve been sleeping about 10 hours a night & waking up at 9am everyday), the long commute, and a full day of work, but it was surprisingly refreshing. I think I needed some routine in my life to distract me from my thoughts–I had begun to feel restless here at home all day. But more on that next time.

For now, goodnight!


9 Responses to “The Past Few Months.”

  1. lufamilylove Says:

    i just love to look at all your pics!! they make me happy! you have to teach me to make those fabric flowers! your christmas cards were my fave too especially the personal notes, think i’ll finally try to start those up this year! :D can’t wait to see you!!! :)

  2. jane Says:

    yay, pictures by cathie! so fun looking at all of them :)

  3. joan Says:

    phun photos!

  4. susiepyo Says:

    Fun times!! Must have another photo date soon. Maybe this time we can take some pictures outside!

  5. Jules Says:

    LOVE the photos, excited to see more of your work!

  6. Sue Says:

    so glad you’re blogging again b/c i love reading your posts and admiring all your fab photos. LOVE the hong clan pic!

  7. becky Says:

    love the pictures! :)

  8. becky Says:

    love the photos! :-D

  9. amygjung Says:

    love love love!!! my heart just smiled :D new profile pic for amos

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