Date: The Camp.

February 25, 2010

When we were engaged, PJohn encouraged us to set up a regular date night, even during the early weeks & months of marriage when every night feels like date night, just cause you get to be together. So we did. Aside from a few crazy busy weeks, we’ve gone on dates every Thursday night (now Tuesday night) since we got married. They vary in degree–a very occasional fancy night out to a musical, but more often than not, dinner at a new place (or an old favorite) & a movie at home. I know this isn’t a common practice, so I’m thankful.

Last week I was feeling kind of blue, so he bumped up our Tuesday date night to a Saturday brunch at the Camp in Costa Mesa.

Old Vine Cafe. Sausage, Eggs, & English Muffin with Macademia Nut Butter for Steven. Pumpkin French Toast for me.

Next stop: SEED: People’s Market. Beautiful & creative handmade goods! And they were setting up for a craft fair on the second floor. Wish we had had more time to look around…

Last stop: milk+honey. Quaint little tea shop with an outdoor sitting area. Got the lavendar tea latte with rice milk & it is now officially my fave.


Homemaking, Etc.

February 24, 2010

MOW (Meals on Wheels) is finally coming to an end this week. That was four whole weeks of delivered dinners from loving care group & church members… I was amazed & so blessed by their willingness to serve our family in this way. I realized somewhere along the way that Cornerstone has become my church now. No longer just Steven’s church, but mine as well. They have stood by us & walked with us through the most difficult season of our lives–they are our church family.

Thank you cards I made for them last week:

It’s tough being out of commission.

There’s kind of a rhythm you develop with homemaking–cooking, cleaning, errands, laundry, etc. When we first got married, I felt pretty good about myself. I was on a cooking streak & hardly any cleaning was required (everything was new!). I tried new recipes everyday, stocked my fridge & pantry full of groceries that I was determined to use up strategically & creatively. I wanted to master Korean cooking, healthy cooking, light cooking. My dream was to always have fresh homemade bread in the house. That, and some kind of baked goodies sitting invitingly on a cake platter. Haha, all the married women are laughing. I know. Still, I felt I was making pretty good headway into becoming a one-woman dream team homemaking machine.

Then pregnancy came & had me hating all kinds of food & being too exhausted to do dishes, let alone, cook. Shortly after, a miscarriage that put me out of commission for another good month. I slowly started getting back into the groove of things, trying to undo the chaos that had become our kitchen. While still struggling to stay afloat, I was again resigned to the bed with another pregnancy. And when there was hope of coming out of the first trimester, another miscarriage. It’s an awful feeling to have been married for almost a year & feel like I am still at square one, or maybe negative square one, if there is such a thing.

Loved ones remind me that it’s a season of life–it will pass. And the Lord teaches me that my identity and worth is not ultimately in being this picture-perfect homemaker. It’s my dream, and not a bad one at that, but it’s not everything. A good wife is not necessarily one who wakes up at 5am, keeps the house spotless, and cooks a different gourmet meal every night (though Korean ajummas might say otherwise…). A good wife is joyful, supportive, encouraging, and delights herself in the Lord. And in times like these, that can only come from finding my identity in Christ.

I’ve been wanting to do more vintage/thrift shopping, but haven’t gotten around to all the local thrift stores yet. I googled thrift stores in the area, and a few came up at the Lab in Costa Mesa… conveniently down the street from our place. We’ve been to the Lab a handful of times, but mainly just to go to Urban or Buffalo. So I thought I’d probe more carefully. Unforch, Google’s idea of “thrift” is not really thrift–I was bummed to discover lots of beautiful old things with not-so-old price tags.

However, we made a stop at Buffalo just to see what they had, and I found a sweet 100% wool houndstooth jacket for a great price! It actually came with a hideous matching knee-length dress, but I asked them to separate it, & got it for half the listed price. I still feel a little insecure wearing it–it’s definitely not something I would normally wear. But I’m trying to branch out here & be bold.

So, what do you think… yea or nay?

The Past Few Months.

February 16, 2010

I’ve decided that I’m too far behind to catch up on all my picture posts since December. So instead: a quickie snapshot summary. I might expand with extra photos of particularly meaningful events… like our sibs’ weddings. But I make no promises.

Little Mason. Did I mention he was born? Well, he was. Isn’t he a cute one?

Christmas cards for our fellow churchies. Got to practice my calligraphy–twas fun!

JWDA Christmas Party. Free cocktails at the boutique hotel we designed in downtown SD!

Angie & Reub stealing Caden to add to their festive family. :]

Little do they know he’s already quite the worshiper…

Mason & the guys.

Cookie exchange chez Amanda. Thanks for hosting, mama!

Enlisted Beck as my crafting slave while she stayed with us tahaa

Photo date with Susie, Caden & chingoos.

Family photos at Mark & Julie’s wedding rehearsal.

Precious moment from their ceremony! Haha, love it. <3

My brother & Sooji got married at King Plow in Georgia. One of my fave wedding venues I’ve seen. :]

Went up to SJ for Mom’s 50th. They say my parents look like sibs–I don’t see it.

Love this photo of my mum. It’s rare to catch such a happy candid.

Did I also mention that Teddy is great at tricks? This is him begging. So cute.

Squeezing in a photo date with Amanda before Noella came!

Tim holding shoes for his shoeless bride.

Reunited again, brief as it may have been. <3

V-Day (or rather, P-Day) in Historic Orange.

Phew. Done. Huge weight off my chest.

Life is slowly returning back to normal… started work again today after a month of being on leave. Was dreading waking up early (I’ve been sleeping about 10 hours a night & waking up at 9am everyday), the long commute, and a full day of work, but it was surprisingly refreshing. I think I needed some routine in my life to distract me from my thoughts–I had begun to feel restless here at home all day. But more on that next time.

For now, goodnight!


February 12, 2010

Thank you, everyone, for all your encouraging comments, emails, phone calls, texts, etc… So thankful for the community we have and for all our loving friends & family. You guys have been our support & our intercessors–we love you guys.

I thought that it was about time to get out of this rut & get on with my routine blogging. So I thought I’d start by introducing you to someone special…

For those who don’t know, Steven & I were actually in norcal when we miscarried this time… We were planning to be there for my mom’s 50th birthday, and decided to stay so my mom could take care of me for a week while I recovered. It was the best. There’s nothing like being taken care of by mom when you don’t have the strength to take care of yourself or anyone around you.

Another big plus was that my parents just got Teddy! Teddy is a mini-poodle, 2 years old, and the friendliest dog around. He loves people, is trained super well, and loves cuddling up with you. I love Teddy. I LOVE HIM. He was actually my brother’s dog and lived way out in Georgia, but my parents brought him over to California to care for him, since my brother is out at work all day. I totally fell in love with him, and now I shamelessly call my mom everyday to check up on him and make sure she’s playing with him.

He would jump up and sit on my lap, no matter where I was. Even in the morning, he would curl up on my pillow next to my head. So cute.

His little butt.

His favorite is lying on soft & warm things–blankets, pillows, sofas, and my tummy.

Getting ready to chase down the ball my dad was throwing.

Made him take a picture with me. He wanted to go play though.

Definitely helped to have this little ball of affection with me all week. Totally cannot wait to see him again in April. I love love him! There’s no way Steven & I can get a dog though… if I loved my dog as much as I loved Teddy, I couldn’t bear to leave him home alone while I was out. His puppy eyes kill me.