A Week in the Bay.

December 28, 2009

Wow, this is so overdue. I’ve been meaning to catch up on older haps, but the holidays have been crazy, and I keep falling further behind. (Aside: I still don’t know when to use farther vs. further. Steven says farther=distance & further=time, but I don’t know if I believe him…) Here are some fotos from our Thanksgiving week in San Jose. I was actually really lazy & didn’t take my camera around much–I think majority of pics are from our day trip up to SF. And I am really sad that I forgot my camera when I went to see Amy & Cindy Su (I missed them both SO much!!), but I did manage to take some with Cindy Tsau when she came over to bake cooookies! :]

Taha, recognize the yellow plaid shirt? Yes, it’s Hurley.

Norcal is beautiful in autumn. Never noticed when I lived there, but boy do I miss it now!

Thanksgiving dinner with our fam & Eric’s fam.

CA Academy of Sciences in SF. My dad bought membership, so he insisted we go. Steven is a big nerd, so he was happy :]

Rainforest dome.

This was actually really cool! They told us that the creator of Finding Nemo sat and observed this tank to create realistic characters. We saw Dori & the tiny clown fish colony–and I thought I spied a little clown fish with a gimpy fin ;]

Copying our good friends, Ryan & Cindy tahaha :]

Mumsy & Popsicle.

Ferry Building Marketplace on the Embarcadero.

Miette Patisserie. Suann from simplesong always raves about Miette (and she lives in DC!), so yes, I dragged my parents & Steven across the city to try it. It was so cute; it did not disappoint!

Scrumptious macarons!

Then we just walked around the marketplace, admiring all the cute little shops.

Stopped off for coffee before our drive home. I love the way they do their drip coffee! So clever.

Me & Mom. <3

Twas a relaxing & fast week in norcal. I loooooved not cooking for the week. And I loved being cared for by my parents! I wonder at what age our roles will switch… I hope when that day comes, I can care for them just as much as they have done for me these past 20-some years.


7 Responses to “A Week in the Bay.”

  1. thekimfam Says:

    i love love loved miette! and i LOVE macaroons. it’s all about the texture, i think.

    isn’t the ferry bldg marketplace so cute? we loved looking at all of the fun shops when we went, too =)

  2. Sue Lee Says:

    Looks like you had a great time with your family. That pic of your mom and dad is too cute. Lovely pics as always, Cathie!

  3. amanda Says:

    your family is sooo cute! :D totally always walk the ferry building when we go visit my grandma up north too! :)

  4. Stacy Says:

    cathie, i love miette!!!! my sister lives in SF and always brings back the most adorable stuff from there! great post!!! =D.

  5. thechungs Says:

    yay!! so happy to see the pics.

  6. susiepyo Says:

    Your pictures look so good Cathie! Your blog posts are always too cute!

  7. amygjung Says:

    I’m so happy you had some good bay family time :) see ya soon egg :)

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