Bringing Sadies Back.

December 9, 2009

Is that just gross? Bahaha, so sorry. Angie from church works for Hurley & invited friends to volunteer at the Hurley warehouse sale for $150 worth of (already discounted) clothes per day! Is that not the most awesome thing evar? So between the two of us, we worked five days… hence, our oh-so-cute and matching Hurley attire.

Merry Christmas, world! (You can consider this your traditional Christmas photo card, since we will not be sending those out this year…)

However, the Hurley sale is also the reason I am really reallyyy behind on blogging. So I am working my butt off trying to edit fotos & will try to get them up on here asap. Life is so busy (in a good way)!

love, me.


10 Responses to “Bringing Sadies Back.”

  1. lufamilylove Says:

    so cute!! i like the matching!! :D

  2. Jules Says:

    VERY cute! Looks very holiday-ish!

  3. daniel Says:

    crazy…so you guys got $750 worth of hurley clothes??

    it would be nice if they sell electronic stuff huh? well nice for steven…=)

  4. Grace Wu Says:

    The grosser the better, Cat-hie! : )

  5. Anna Says:

    Cathie! You look beautiful, as always! :)

    Hello Steven.

  6. Grace (Jin) Says:

    You guys are so cute…make me smile…So encouraged reading your blog…

  7. tia Says:

    hahaha! cute!

  8. Sue Says:

    too cute. mike would never let us do that, so i’m jealous.

  9. tracy choi Says:

    hi cathie! i stumbled upon your blog (aka link on your fb) and i love it!! so encouraged by your honest thoughts and your photos are amazing :) hope you’re doing well!

  10. thechungs Says:


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