A Week in the Bay.

December 28, 2009

Wow, this is so overdue. I’ve been meaning to catch up on older haps, but the holidays have been crazy, and I keep falling further behind. (Aside: I still don’t know when to use farther vs. further. Steven says farther=distance & further=time, but I don’t know if I believe him…) Here are some fotos from our Thanksgiving week in San Jose. I was actually really lazy & didn’t take my camera around much–I think majority of pics are from our day trip up to SF. And I am really sad that I forgot my camera when I went to see Amy & Cindy Su (I missed them both SO much!!), but I did manage to take some with Cindy Tsau when she came over to bake cooookies! :]

Taha, recognize the yellow plaid shirt? Yes, it’s Hurley.

Norcal is beautiful in autumn. Never noticed when I lived there, but boy do I miss it now!

Thanksgiving dinner with our fam & Eric’s fam.

CA Academy of Sciences in SF. My dad bought membership, so he insisted we go. Steven is a big nerd, so he was happy :]

Rainforest dome.

This was actually really cool! They told us that the creator of Finding Nemo sat and observed this tank to create realistic characters. We saw Dori & the tiny clown fish colony–and I thought I spied a little clown fish with a gimpy fin ;]

Copying our good friends, Ryan & Cindy tahaha :]

Mumsy & Popsicle.

Ferry Building Marketplace on the Embarcadero.

Miette Patisserie. Suann from simplesong always raves about Miette (and she lives in DC!), so yes, I dragged my parents & Steven across the city to try it. It was so cute; it did not disappoint!

Scrumptious macarons!

Then we just walked around the marketplace, admiring all the cute little shops.

Stopped off for coffee before our drive home. I love the way they do their drip coffee! So clever.

Me & Mom. <3

Twas a relaxing & fast week in norcal. I loooooved not cooking for the week. And I loved being cared for by my parents! I wonder at what age our roles will switch… I hope when that day comes, I can care for them just as much as they have done for me these past 20-some years.


The Hub’s Blog.

December 15, 2009

If you didn’t know, my husband is the real blogger. I just jumped on the train & followed his lead. Just thought I would remind you to check his blog too. He’s been a little absent lately–I think he stopped trying to blog after he lost our bet awhile back. (Btw, I let him off the hook & he only had to make me dinner one night instead of seven. Such is the economy of mercy.) But hopefully he’ll get back into the swing of things soon. Go check it out–he’s got some great thoughts to share :]


Year of Miracles.

December 11, 2009

I shared with my care group last night, but I am so thankful for my sisters-in-law. I have only known them for, what, 2 years? And a good chunk of that was me being frightfully intimidated by them & not opening my mouth when they were around tahaha. But even in these past couple of years, my admiration & love for them has grown tremendously… I am so thankful that I have my very own older sisters to look up to! They have been such examples to me of women who delight in the Lord, and I know in part it is because of the unique trials that the Lord put them through. It gives me hope that my own trials are the Lord’s means of growing my faith & trust in Him alone.

One miracle of 2009 was Julie’s engagement to Mark. She waited patiently for the Lord’s timing, and is now getting married to an awesome godly man on the very first day of 2010! The second miracle of 2009 was Joan & Dale’s discovery that they were pregnant! She is nearly in her third trimester now & is looking more & more like a “planet” (her words, not mine). Praise God for His perfect plan & perfect timing… and praise God that He even blesses us with gifts like these!

Here are some pictures from Julie’s bridal shower about a month ago. It was one of the funnest (yes, I know it’s not a word) showers I’ve been to! We all wore our fave aprons & had Top Chef-themed games. I had so much fun & was simply so happy to celebrate with my dear Julie.

Joan + bridesmaids hosting the shower for Julie.

Yummy & somewhat healthy potluck luncheon :]

Prepping for games…

Team assignments…

Timed team tasks! Seriously so stressful… I’m glad I was taking photos & not participating.

Checked on the girls’ room in between games. My lens got attacked by greasy little fingers, so I left them to continue watching Cinderella.

Blind taste test–they were so good! Who knows what sage tastes like? (Not me.)

Julie had a personal Q&A with Serin, and we got to be not-so-secret listeners.

Beautiful & delicious red velvet cake that Kellee & Jeena made! (Kellee also made our wedding cake–she’s so good!)

Julie opened presents… and her bridesmaids surprised her with a KitchenAid stand mixer! Bake stuff for me please! :]

Of course artsy/craftsy Jeena made her a faux bouquet–so pretty!

Final pic with sisters-in-law. Congrats unnie! <3

Bringing Sadies Back.

December 9, 2009

Is that just gross? Bahaha, so sorry. Angie from church works for Hurley & invited friends to volunteer at the Hurley warehouse sale for $150 worth of (already discounted) clothes per day! Is that not the most awesome thing evar? So between the two of us, we worked five days… hence, our oh-so-cute and matching Hurley attire.

Merry Christmas, world! (You can consider this your traditional Christmas photo card, since we will not be sending those out this year…)

However, the Hurley sale is also the reason I am really reallyyy behind on blogging. So I am working my butt off trying to edit fotos & will try to get them up on here asap. Life is so busy (in a good way)!

love, me.