November 27, 2009

Was going to do the traditional Thanksgiving title, but I’ve been seeing it left & right & all over fb, so decided to call it “blessings” instead. Cause indeed, that’s what they are. Mine might sound cliche, but hey, these are cliche for a reason. So here goes… things I’m thankful for:

1. The Gospel. Much like many others, this past year has been a rediscovery of the beauty & freedom of the gospel message. I have always been somewhat of a “hard master”… hard on myself & hard on others. You can imagine the result: discouragement, disappointment, criticism, legalism, despair. However, this year has been a lesson in grace. The doctrine of grace runs much deeper than I ever imagined… There is grace not only in my initial point of salvation, but throughout this seemingly long laborious process of being made like Christ. My soul–for the first time since I can remember–genuinely feels at peace. His judgment does not weigh upon me; Christ has borne it all.

2. My husband. I speak of him often, because I cherish him dearly! He is my best friend, my partner in life, my other half. He is everything I’m not… even-keeled, respectful, submissive, humble, optimistic, gracious, gentle, patient, trusting, and steadfast. We have only been married for less than 6 months, and I am already learning so much about the grace of God from his own example of grace to me and to others. He is the strongest man I know–not because he speaks out in anger or defense, or because he can boldly state his opinion in front of many–but because he can hold his tongue, turn the other cheek, and continue to speak highly of those I would easily slight.

3. My mom. In the past few months, my mom has become more of a friend to me than she ever has been in the past. Somehow our relationship has blossomed through our common role as wife & homemaker. Where in college our phone conversations would last 5 minutes (mainly her asking me what I ate for lunch that day), now I find myself talking to her for nearly an hour at a time (talking about cooking, cleaning, decorating, crafts, shopping, scheduling… sharing new techniques we learn, new recipes, books we’re reading, etc. etc.). I am so thankful for her tireless service to our family & the example she set for me in submission, humility, and selflessness. Doesn’t mean I will become a replica of her, but thankful that the Lord gave me a tangible example to follow.

4. Friends, Old & New. Having to start my life over in Orange County has given me renewed appreciation for close friends. I always forget what an anxious process it is to make new friends–the uncertainty & insecurities–and the trust that is required. I’m thankful for the friends that the Lord has brought into my life, a few of whom I was  able to catch up with this week! It was such a sweet time, of just speaking my mind, without bothering to qualify myself, knowing that they would understand me & not judge me. I love that our bond is strong, even though we are miles apart & in different stages of life. On the flip side, I’m also thankful for the budding friendships at Cornerstone. These are women that I didn’t know existed only half a year ago, but already I feel a kinship with them, and I know it is only because of Christ.

5. Crafts. Hehe, this is kind of a silly one, but I still consider it a blessing. Since I got married, I have been dabbling in a number of crafts & really exploring my options. I never was much of the adventurous or ambitious type, but Steven has been such an encouragement to me in rooting for me & believing that I can do things. So yes, I have been trying my hand at photography, calligraphy, handmade goods, etc. I’m even thinking of taking a couple intro to graphics classes next semester. Don’t know where it’ll lead, but I am enjoying it for what it is so far!

The end, for now. But before I go, some recent pictures. Got to spend an afternoon with Jane & baby Norah, and Jane taught me how to do a basic knit & purl! Loved the therapeutic feel of knitting… will have to pick up my own set of knitting needles! :]

Norah wore a dress for the first time, just for me!

Super cute headband that Jane crocheted for Norah

Adorable washcloth that Jeena made (so talented!)

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! :]


5 Responses to “Blessings.”

  1. Sue Says:

    Very thankful that you and Steven are here, as well! Love those beautiful pics of my sweet niece too!

  2. jane Says:

    Thanks for coming over, Cathie! And thanks for the pictures :) I agree with my sister, it’s so nice to have you guys at Cornerstone!

  3. Jules Says:

    Great post, ‘lil one! Your pics are getting so good! Thankful for our newest Hong, you’re a blessing!

  4. letitia Says:

    i love this blog :] combo of cathie’s heart + cathie’s art! haha … that’s catchy! cathie’s heART. okay, i’m done. :]

  5. gracechoi Says:


    aww GOd is so Good! and I’m glad we still “keep in touch – which needs improvement btw! tell steven hello!

    ….and i’ll be the bigger person and change my theme. hahaahah!

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