The Chungs.

November 23, 2009

Looks like we have a consensus–the natural route is the way to go! Grace Mao has been struggling through her transition period for a few weeks now & has finally hit the oil-free zone! (Grace, I want to see & feel your hair next time I’m in SD!) Sue started using the oil-cleansing method & has gotten awesome results! My mom even felt my skin this morning & was amazed by its baby-like softness. She is going to try the oil-cleansing method with me tonight taha! I am so excited to try out the baking soda shampoo. I will be sure to post my results after I have victory (hopefully) over my transition period :]

Anyway, I meant to post this earlier (story of my life), but I had the privilege of shooting a family portrait session for the Chungs. They scored some free photo card print-outs & wanted to put together some Christmas cards for relatives who haven’t seen Caleb recently. Unforch, they don’t have many family pictures since Mama Sharon is always behind the camera hahah. So of course I was really eager to snap some photos for them & really honored that they would ask me! I am still such a novice & I only have my kit lens, but I suppose I make do…

Steven & I are so thankful for Jimmy & Sharon! They have been welcoming and friendly to us since our first days at Cornerstone & definitely took the initiative in reaching out to us. In these early days of being a newcomer & having to start all over again, you have no idea how meaningful & priceless this is to us. Thanks so much for opening up your lives to us & being so gracious to the point where we feel comfortable opening up our lives to you too! We love the Chungs. :]

Without further ado, I present to you the beautiful Chung family:

Daddy & Caleb time.

Mommy & Caleb time. I heart this series!

Love this.

Also love the narrative feel of this.

HAha totally caught a yawning moment.

AHh one of my faves! His little face melts my heart.

Kkeut! Beautiful day with a beautiful family! :]


6 Responses to “The Chungs.”

  1. thechungs Says:

    hmm…i might have to try the oil-cleansing face wash! i think you got me :)

    aww, catt! the pictures you took for us are so precious! seriously, we’re so grateful for all your hard work…hehe…mad props to you! we’re so blessed by you and steven and thank God for the special friendship he has grown between us :) love you guys!

  2. Anna Says:

    I really like the first tunnel picture and like the swing picture with the parents looking. :) Hi Cathie!

  3. sheenae Says:

    I like the ones where he’s being kissed from both sides. What a squishy, cutie pie face! :]

  4. tia Says:

    niiiice, cathie! <3

    and i think i'm going to try the "au natural" over winter break ;)

  5. Sue Says:

    awesome pictures, cathie! very classy and cute photos of the adorable chungs! yes, i really do love the oil face cleanser. it makes such a huge difference. thanks!!

  6. rosie Says:

    niceee work cathie! i love the first one of them at the tunnel…and all of the ones with caleb’s face :)

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