Catalog Card.

October 1, 2009

Couldn’t resist posting this. How awesome is this????


Made it myself on here. Found it via simplesong, whose blog I have been reading non-stop since I found it about a week ago. I’m slowly scrolling back all the way to the beginning–now on page 74… I know I sound crazy, but she really inspires me. Started her blog about two years ago, designs stationery & invitations, took letterpress classes, bought a letterpress, started her own etsy shop, and now pretty much does full-time design from the studio she created in her garage. She has a little toddler at home & is able to care for him & still use the gifts that God gave her to help with the income. And now she’s thinking about taking calligraphy classes…

I am such a pansy. I always see people who pursue these kinds of careers from the bottom up & am so inspired by them. And I know that if I try hard & practice, I can do something like that too. But there is so much fear of failure that I have a hard time just putting myself out there. (Not to mention, laziness.) Steve helps me in this way by gently encouraging me to just try things out, learn things on my own… he really believes in me. The Lord knew that I needed an encouraging man in my life, because I’m already pessimistic enough on my own hehe.

This post doesn’t mean anything. I’m not saying I’m going to quit my job & start pursuing graphic design. Or photography. Or interior decorating. Or calligraphy. Just some things I’m thinking through… What do you think–should I try something out?


4 Responses to “Catalog Card.”

  1. hi cathie! i looove simplesong, so inspiring!
    have you heard of the blog: oh, hello friend? she’s pretty amazing as well!

    And imho, i think you should try (maybe something small, at first), maybe you’ll do awesome and you won’t have regrets from not trying :)

  2. tia Says:

    cathie, DO IT DO IT DO IT! i’m cheering you on (you might catch a glimpse of me behind steven’s pom-poms) :]

  3. cindytsau Says:

    haha. i think you should :)

  4. jennifer lee Says:

    go for it!!!
    i would totally buy your stuff, or get ideas from your stuff

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