Like My Mom.

June 27, 2009

Married life has been fun! It’s awesome that Steve works from home… we get to stay together, eat meals together, but do our own thing for most of the day. I like it. :] We’ve only been back for two weeks now, but I feel like I’ve been cooking and doing dishes non-stop. There are times when I’m standing at the sink or setting the table for a meal or wrapping up dishes to put in the fridge or hovering over a pot of soup, when I think: Oh, this is how Mom must have felt.

When I lived at home back in high school, my responsibilities were: set the table for meals, get water for everyone, clear the table after meals, wipe down the table. I know, tough stuff, right? I always felt pretty unhelpful (but I didn’t complain. Who wants more work, right?). But now that I’m here in my mom’s shoes, I realized that someone else setting the table, clearing the table, and wiping down the table makes a huge difference. It’s the gesture that counts, I think.

Don’t get me wrong. I am loving the cooking & homemaking so far. It’s just a gratifying feeling when you try out new recipes and they turn out the way they’re supposed to. When you cook Korean food that you’ve never made, and the whole house smells like home home (brings back good memories!). And when you’re able to serve the people you love in such a tangible way! Haha, ask me in a year, and we’ll see if I still feel the same way. But for now, I’m loving it. :]

All this to say that I appreciate my mom now more than ever. I was talking to Steven about it, and he says that I’ll probably have more and more of these moments as we progress. Times when I get a glimpse of everything my mom sacrificed in order to serve us faithfully and without complaint. Mama, I love you.