Smells Like…

April 22, 2009

This morning started out fairly normal. Got to work. Turned on my computer. Checked my mail. After about an hour though, it started to smell strangely like… poop. Turns out that the building across the street has these tri-annual poop disposals. Something about their pipe systems being outdated. Or something. The poop truck was parked across the street–only for a short while, mind you–but the odor lingered all morning. I got a headache and had to drink some strong tea to fight off the poop stench.

We finally watched Slumdog a couple nights ago. You know that one scene where little Jamal is stuck in the outhouse and wants so badly to see that famous actor? So in an act of desperation, he jumps into the poop hole and climbs out covered head-to-toe in brown muck. Honestly it didn’t look so bad, sitting on my comfy couch in a cool, dark room.

But dang, it stanks.

The stairwell by the elevator still reeks. I discovered that I can hold my breath just long enough to run down two flights of stairs and make it to fresh air on the first floor. Aye, I’m gonna miss working here.

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