Bucket List.

April 22, 2009

Hehe, work is slow today. If I had known we’d be leaving SD so soon, I would have created a bucket list way long ago & actually had time to do everything! Unforch, time is limited, days are busy, and there are other priorities. Haven’t really thought through it very thoroughly, but a couple that come to mind:

1. Try some dole whip (I’ve gone twice & they were out both times.)
2. Go strawberry picking in Carlsbad (always wanted to, but the college girls’ recent trip makes it looks so fun & delicious!!)
3. Get all-you-can-eat at Tadashi (my fave sushi in SD)

Oppa, a little help adding to the list?

Haha, strawberry picking is probably out of the picture. Def no time for that. But dole whip & maybe Tadashi are doable! Let’s do it!

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